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100% ethical volunteer projects

This is your chance to work with and care for some of the most beautiful animals around the world. Help save endangered species by carrying out vital research while observing animals in their natural habitat orr get up close to some majestic animals to provide care and attention within one of our partnered ethical sanctuaries.

We are really passionate about what we do and the animals we help. You can be sure that all programmes we offer are 100% ethical, meaning that only true conservation practices are carried out to make a positive impact on protecting wildlife.

So whether you are heading out on safari in search of the big five in South Africa, releasing baby sea turtles in Sri Lanka or looking after elephants in Thailand, we have the perfect wildlife or marine project for you.

  • 100% ethical wildlife & marine projects
  • Volunteer with over 14 different species
  • Ideal for those wishing to pursue a career involving animals
  • Gain vital experience and new skills for your CV or university application
  • No previous experience or qualifications needed
  • Comprehensive pre-departure support and assistance with all aspects of your trip
  • Ideal for first time and / or solo travellers
From £300

Bali Marine Conservation

We urgently need support from volunteers from around the world to help restore and protect the coral reef in picturesque Tianyar. What once was a highly biodiverse and healthy 3 kilometre reef, it is now in a poor condition due to many years of unsustainable fishing practices and from pollution. You will have the opportunity to learn to dive and to also become fully qualified.

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From £620

Cambodia Elephant Sanctuary

Help elephants in their natural habitat at this unique elephant sanctuary located deep in the Cambodian jungle. Dedicated to helping rescued elephants, you’ll trek into the jungle every day to observe and care for the 10 Asian elephants that call this 1,500-acre forest home. The 100% ethical and responsible sanctuary will allow you to experience elephants acting naturally, foraging and interacting together. The elephants can be seen bathing in the natural rivers and bulldozing trees to get to the best luscious leaves.

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From £290

Costa Rica Sea Turtle Conservation

This is your chance to go on a unique adventure where you will live life on the beach, enjoying the beauty of the remote island, the turtles and the friendly small community. Get hands-on experience and make a valuable contribution to the conservation of sea turtles where you will play your part in securing the future of these endangered, fascinating and enigmatic creatures.

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From £560

Greece Marine & Coastal Conservation

Help protect the large Posidonia seagrass meadows that are currently classed as vulnerable as you snorkel in the crystal clear waters to collect important data and photographs. You will also play an important role protecting the sand dune systems that can be found around the beautiful island of Kefalonia. This is your chance to understand and gain research experience, discover all the marine organisms that thrive within the protected area, explore the beautiful island and make new lifelong friends.

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From £560

Greece Sea Turtle Conservation

Volunteer to help with our efforts of conserving critically endangered sea turtles that frequent the sandy beaches of Kefalonia. Gain hands on experience as you contribute to important research, all while meeting new people, having fun and exploring the beautiful island. Working alongside environmental biologists and conservationists, you will play a massive part in securing the future of these fascinating creatures in the Mediterranean.

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From £1,610

Madagascar Marine Conservation

Travel to the picturesque island of Nosy Komba in Madagascar to help the local team gather vital raw scientific data about the surrounding coral reefs and the marine life that call it home. You'll receive comprehensive and practical training that will allow you to dive into the depths of the crystal clear waters on a daily basis and come face to face with a diverse abundance of marine life, including sea turtles, sting rays, whale sharks, dolphins and more.

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From £350

Madagascar Sea Turtle Conservation

Assist in identifying popular nesting areas along remote and picturesque beaches in Madagascar and it's surrounding islands. This programme gives you the opportunity to get up close to these beautiful creatures whilst helping to ensure the health and survival of the species into the future. Surrounded by lush green forests overlooking the coral reef, the accommodation is based just a stone’s throw away from a picturesque white sandy beach. This really is paradise.

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From £1,219

Malawi Wildlife Research

If you’re interested in iconic carnivores like lions and cheetahs and want to see them in their natural habitat, a research volunteer placement in Malawi’s beautiful Liwonde National Park is just for you. This immersive experience will allow you to learn first-hand about conservation techniques and initiatives critical to protecting Malawi's wildlife. The data you collect will inform conservation strategies, ensuring threatened species have a bright future.

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From £1,219

Malawi Wildlife Sanctuary

Join the award-winning and renowned wildlife sanctuary in Malawi, where you will assist in animal conservation efforts whilst also making a difference in the local community. The sanctuary cares for 200 orphaned, injured and confiscated animals and needs volunteers like you to help care and rehabilitate all of the wildlife with the hope that most can be released back into the wild.

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From £1,110

Namibia Carnivore Conservation - Kanaan Desert

Volunteer as a big cat conservationist in the stunning Kanaan Region of Namibia where your help will ensure the carnivores habitat and all other animals that call it home are safe for years to come. Your time will be focused on researching the free-roaming populations of carnivores to support the important role in mitigating human-wildlife conflict.

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From £810

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary & Reserve

Get up close and personal to incredible animals such as cheetahs, leopards, lions, baboons and so much more! The Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on a 3,200-hectare reserve near Windhoek and offers a safe refuge for an ever-growing abundance of orphaned, injured and abandoned animals.

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From £240

Portugal Animal Sanctuary

If you're an animal lover, then the Portugal Animal Sanctuary is the dream programme for you! You will spend your days caring for the 60+ animals of all shapes and sizes, including dogs, cats, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, chinchillas, rabbits, turkeys, birds and more! On top of this, you will play a vital role in helping to raise awareness about animal welfare in Portugal.

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From £340

Portugal Wolf Sanctuary

Help care for rescued Iberian wolves in this vast wilderness sanctuary located just 30 minutes from the capital Lisbon. Your time and effort will actively contribute to these beautiful wolves and will enable them to thrive in an environment as close to the wild as possible. The sanctuary rescues wolves that were born and/or kept in captivity under illegal circumstances and are therefore no longer able to live in the wild. If you love animals and are looking to join conservation efforts then this is the programme for you!

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From £370

South Africa Amakhala Big 5 Conservation

Do you want to experience and explore Africa and all of its inhabitants? Well, Amakhala will not disappoint! Assist behind the scenes on various ongoing conservation and community projects and meet the famous Big Five along with a vast array of other wildlife. Stay in a 4-star luxury lodge, go canoeing, fishing and camp under the stars in the middle of the bush!

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From £190

South Africa Dog Rescue Centre

Provide essential assistance by caring for unwanted, mistreated and neglected dogs in one of the best cities in the world - Cape Town. You will support the programme by working hands on with the 80 or so rescued dogs at the sanctuary and have the opportunity to get involved with all aspects of this busy centre. Situated in the beautiful rural suburbs just outside of Cape Town city centre, this is your chance for a real adventure.

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From £1,010

South Africa Marine Conservation

Get hands on with this award winning marine conservation programme in the beautiful Plettenberg Bay. Located along the heart of the Garden Route and offering some amazing coastal scenery you will get to observe some amazing marine wildlife such as Bottlenose Dolphins, Great White Sharks, seals and many whale species including Southern Right Whales, Humpback Whales and Orca/Killer Whales.

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From £210

South Africa Primate Sanctuary & Monkey Rescue

Come and join us at this amazing monkey rescue and sanctuary that will provide you with a unique experience to interact with the primates and to assist with the daily care of the animals. You will gain a fascinating wildlife experience while you learn all about the primates and the care they need.

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From £1,060

South Africa Shamwari Big 5 Conservation

Have a once in a lifetime experience by working behind the scenes in one of Africa’s finest game reserves. Your time on the reserve will be diverse and structured giving you the opportunity to personally experience life as a budding conservationist. You will get to help out at the Born Free Big Cat Foundation, Shamwari Animal Rehabilitation Centre, Animal Hospital and the Rhino Awareness Centre as well as monitor some of the world's most iconic wildlife.

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From £200

Sri Lanka Street Dog Rescue

We need your help in Sri Lanka on our new street dog initiative that aims to help protect and care for man’s best friend and to improve the animal-human relationship within the local community. Being a dog in Sri Lanka is a hard life and we urgently need volunteers like you to help monitor, take care of and feed all of the street dogs that have currently been identified in the local area.

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From £200

Sri Lanka Sea Turtle Conservation

Help to protect and conserve endangered sea turtles by volunteering at our sea turtle hatchery. We are proud to be the first and only 100% ethical programme in the whole of Sri Lanka where you will get involved with all aspects of true conservation. See wild turtles come up to nest on beach patrols, release baby turtles into the sea and so much more!

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From £690

Sri Lanka Elephant Conservation

Encounter the beautiful Asian elephant in it's natural habitat in the depths of the Sri Lankan jungle. Become involved in true elephant conservation and make a positive impact to elephants and the local communities. You will be responsible for gathering information, collecting essential environmental data, teaching the local communities and much much more!

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From £520

Tenerife Horse & Animal Rescue Centre

Do you have a passion for horses or just animals in general? Then come and join the local team and help in a fun and fast paced 6,500 acre eco horse sanctuary in Tenerife. With over 400 animals to look after, including horses, donkeys, goats, pigs, dogs, chickens and more, you can be sure no two days will be the same.

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From £360

Thailand Elephant Refuge Centre

This is your chance to get hands on working experience with the majestic Asian elephants in this 100% ethical sanctuary in beautiful Thailand. The elephant refuge sanctuary provides support and care to over 20 elephants that have all come from abused and neglected backgrounds. Located in a tropical region about 160km south of Bangkok.

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From £880

Thailand Street Dog Rescue

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure rescuing and rehabilitating stray dogs and puppies in Thailand. Everyday you will be caring for upwards of 800 dogs that are within the rescue centre and on the surrounding streets as you provide an essential pair of hands to feed, medicate and monitor them. Located within a Buddhist temple that borders one of the most stunning beaches in Hua Hin, you'll spend your days on tropical beaches.

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From £360

Thailand Wildlife Rescue Centre

Thailand has a rich biological diversity which has sadly decreased in recent years due to human exploitation. That, coupled with habitat loss and habitat degradation, is pushing much of the Thai wildlife to the brink of extinction. The Wildlife Rescue Centre is the perfect place for volunteering to help combat that. If you're enthusiastic and passionate about wildlife, you're what we need to assist with the general upkeep of the project throughout the year.

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From £670

Zimbabwe Elephant & Rhino Sanctuary

Get up close with our rhinos and elephant herd where you will be involved in valuable conservation work that will help towards securing the futures of these endangered species. This hands-on diverse experience will see you studying and learning about the animals behaviour, undertaking anti poaching patrols and lots more! You will get a unique behind the scenes insight into this family owned 10,000 acre game reserve in the heart of Zimbabwe.

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From £920

Zimbabwe Horse Riding & Wildlife Conservation

A horse riding safari within a 10,000 acre wildlife reserve located in the heart of the African bush? Say no more! Jump on and head off the beaten track to get up close to elephants, rhinos, giraffe, zebras and many more animals as you contribute to the overall conservancy management and reserve with unique activities and experiences.

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From £1,050

Zimbabwe Victoria Falls Big Five Conservation

This is your opportunity to take part in meaningful conservation as you follow in the footsteps of explorer David Livingstone. Get up close to some amazing animals, enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful surroundings, take part in some awesome adrenalin activities and visit the famous Victoria Falls (just 10 minutes away). Home to the famous African Big Five, this 2,500 hectare game reserve boasts many elephants, black rhinos, lions, leopards, buffalo and a wealth of other native wildlife.

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