Come and experience the
sheer natural beauty of

Luxurious beaches, looming volcanoes & lush terraced rice fields

There’s no point coming to an exotic island like Bali and not live life on the beach! You'll wake up to the sea views every morning, with the palm tree's swaying and the waves gently crashing down besides your feet. Not many places offer the chance to snorkel before breakfast, as you search for sea turtles, manta rays and the other abundant marine life nearby.

Our volunteer programmes are based in the small fishing village of Tianyar, in the north of the island. Far away from the urban development and explosion of tourism, this is your chance to see the real Bali and experience their true hospitality and culture.

You'll have long weekends to explore, whether that be heading around the main attractions or hopping aboard a boat to check out the nearby islands. One thing is for sure, they will be filled with fun adventures in the jungles, along the beaches and up the mountains with your new friends.

Our programmes start on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month throughout the year and you can choose to join us from 1-24 weeks.

Our structured and safe programmes mean volunteering in Bali is ideal for first time and solo travellers. Volunteering is the perfect way to meet like-minded people and allows you to explore Bali as a group.

What's included
  • Accommodation, meals and 24-hour airport pickup
  • 24/7 in-country & UK support
  • Pre-departure buddy lists and a dedicated Bali Facebook group to talk with other volunteers
  • Assistance with all aspects of your trip and comprehensive pre-departure information

TMR Bali Facebook Group

From £650

Bali Travel & Volunteer Experience

Join us on an adventure you will never forget as we explore everything Bali has to offer and help on worthwhile community and marine volunteer programmes. Experience Bali's ancient culture, extravagant temples, picture perfect rice paddies, beaches that most people only dream about and the clear turquoise waters that are packed with marine life! Prepare yourself for breathtaking sites, new friends for life and complete cultural immersion.

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From £230

Bali Childcare Volunteers

Want to do something amazing on your next trip abroad? Come and help at our day care centre, where you will be welcomed with open arms by the children and community. They will be sure to fill your life with laughter and unconditional love! This hugely rewarding experience will fully immerse you into the local Balinese culture, where you will interact with the locals and get to know their traditions and lifestyle.

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From £300

Bali Marine Conservation

We urgently need support from volunteers from around the world to help restore and protect the coral reef in picturesque Tianyar. What once was a highly biodiverse and healthy 3 kilometre reef, it is now in a poor condition due to many years of unsustainable fishing practices and from pollution. You will have the opportunity to learn to dive and to also become fully qualified.

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From £230

Bali Teaching Volunteers

Come and enjoy the picturesque Bali where you will immerse yourself within the warm and welcoming community and get to know lots about the vibrant and diverse Balinese culture. With the main aim of teaching English for free, you, along with other volunteers will focus on providing a fun and enjoyable experience, where the children can further progress their English.

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TMR weekend trips

We operate a number of amazing weekend trips every month that allow you to explore the country as a group with your new-found friends. The structured itinerary ensures you travel in a safe manner and allows you to see as much as possible during your free time.

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Bali has a rich assortment of beaches, with each being a favourite destination in its own right. Along the south coast you have the palm-fringed white sand beaches of Kuta and Sanur, while in the north you have the striking black sands of the sleepy secluded beaches. Wherever you travel on the island, there is a paradise beach waiting to be discovered.

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Points of interest

Bali is known for being one of the most evocative and popular tourists hotspots in Asia. The island is rich in natural beauty and has attractions for every kind of traveler. This is your chance to take in the magnificent temples, surf on legendary swells, trek up the jungly volcanic peaks, admire the lush green rice terraces and swim under the misty waterfalls.

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There are several tropical islands around Bali that you should plan on seeing! Those looking to island hop, can look forward to experiencing the underwater wonders that lie beneath the crystal-clear waters, relax on secluded beaches, cycle an entire island or party well into the night. With easy and regular transport links, heading to the Gili or Nusa island's is just a quick boat ride away!

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