Fall in love with the 'Warm
heart of Africa',

Renowned for being one of the world's friendliest destinations

Be guaranteed to see a vast array of wildlife when you choose to volunteer at Malawi's only accredited wildlife sanctuary. Assist in animal conservation efforts  whilst also making a difference in the local community - the perfect way to leave a positive mark. 

Malawi is renowned for being one of the world's friendliest destinations and is famously nicknamed the 'Warm Heart of Africa'. The country is regularly voted as one of the best destinations to visit whilst travelling and with an abundance of exotic wildlife, friendly locals, great year round weather and beaches and scenery from out of this world, it's not hard to see why!

The wildlife rescue centre is situated within a protected 180 hectare game reserve and is located in the heart of Malawi's capital, Lilongwe. Enjoy breathtaking views and tranquil surroundings with the added convenience of city life.

The programme starts on every Tuesday throughout the year and you can choose to join us from 2-12 weeks.

Our structured and safe programmes makes volunteering in Malawi ideal for first time and / or solo travellers. Volunteering is the perfect way to meet like-minded people and allows you to explore Malawi as a group.

What's included
  • Accommodation, meals and 24-hour airport pickup
  • 24/7 in-country & UK support
  • Pre-departure buddy lists and a dedicated Malawi Facebook group to talk with other volunteers
  • Assistance with all aspects of your trip and comprehensive pre-departure information

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Malawi Wildlife Sanctuary

Join the award-winning and renowned wildlife sanctuary in Malawi, where you will assist in animal conservation efforts whilst also making a difference in the local community. The sanctuary cares for 200 orphaned, injured and confiscated animals and needs volunteers like you to help care and rehabilitate all of the wildlife with the hope that most can be released back into the wild.

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Malawi's capital, Lilongwe has all of the appearances of a traditional African settlement with a vibrant street life and a large walled market selling everything imaginable. However, just a stones throw away you can wander into a modern, green and spacious capital, gleaming with large buildings, wide boulevards and verdant gardens.

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Lake Malawi

Covering roughly one-fifth of Malawi, Lake Malawi, sometimes known as the Lake of Stars after the reflection of the stars in its clear waters dominates this landlocked country. This vast body of crystal clear freshwater fringed by beaches of golden sand is not only a scenic wonderland but it provides water sport opportunities for those looking for something beyond sun, sand and swimming.

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National Parks

If you're looking for a unique big five safari then look no further than Malawi's national parks and wildlife reserves. With their diverse landscape, including: scenic highlands, rolling hills, deep forests, steep valleys and wide lakes filled with unique fish, you can enjoy the untouched wilderness.

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Points of Interest

Given the size of Malawi, it is quite incredible just how diverse the country is - all thanks to being located on the great ridges of the East African Rift. From Lake Malawi to picturesque shorelines and mountainous peaks to lush green plateaus, there really is something for everyone.

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