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100% ethical volunteer projects

This is your chance to work with and care for some of the most beautiful animals around the world. Help save endangered species by carrying out vital research while observing animals in their natural habitat orr get up close to some majestic animals to provide care and attention within one of our partnered ethical sanctuaries.

We are really passionate about what we do and the animals we help. You can be sure that all programmes we offer are 100% ethical, meaning that only true conservation practices are carried out to make a positive impact on protecting wildlife.

So whether you are heading out on safari in search of the big five in South Africa, releasing baby sea turtles in Sri Lanka or looking after elephants in Thailand, we have the perfect wildlife or marine project for you.

  • 100% ethical wildlife & marine projects
  • Volunteer with over 14 different species
  • Ideal for those wishing to pursue a career involving animals
  • Gain vital experience and new skills for your CV or university application
  • No previous experience or qualifications needed
  • Comprehensive pre-departure support and assistance with all aspects of your trip
  • Ideal for first time and / or solo travellers

Wildlife Sanctuaries

Volunteer in one of our ethical sanctuaries around the world to look after injured, orphaned and habituated animals. With over 2,500 incredible animals currently being cared for, such as elephants, baboons, cheetahs and more, an unforgettable experience awaits!

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Conservation & Research

Help save endangered species by collecting vital research data while tracking and observing animals in their natural habitat. These immersive experiences will allow you to learn first-hand about conservation techniques and initiatives that will inform conservation strategies for the future.

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Marine & Diving Conservation

Do you have a passion for our oceans and the marine life and ecosystems within them? Help on one of our marine conservation projects and spend your days diving and snorkelling out at sea, alongside sea turtles, dolphins, whales, sharks and so much more!

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Bears have made their way into your childhood memories, from Winnie the Pooh, Paddington and Jungle Book. Now is your time to help care for rescued bears, to ensure they live on.

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Big cats

These powerful felines are a highlight of every African 'Big Five' safari. This is your chance to take part in meaningful conservation, with 16 species considered vulnerable or worse.

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Provide care and attention to man's best friend at one of our incredible sanctuaries. Many dogs are left to fend for themselves out on the busy streets and you can make a difference today.

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Known for their playful nature and being highly intelligent, Dolphin numbers are declining worldwide. Spend your days out at sea collecting important research data.

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Observing these gentle giants is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Get hands-on and provide care for rescued elephants or help study human-elephant conflict to find solutions.

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The ultimate king of the jungle, our lion projects offer a truly fascinating experience. Help care for these majestic leaders across our partner sanctuaries and out in the wild.

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Get hands-on and protect some of the most endangered monkey species around the world. Help care for rescued monkeys or observe these adorable animals in their natural habitat.

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This is your chance to protect one of the most endangered species in the world, rhinos. Closely observe rhinos out in the wild to try and stop the dramatic decline of these wonderful animals.

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Sea Turtles

All 7 sea turtle species are endangered, making our conservation efforts all the more necessary. Spend your days and nights on beautiful beaches playing your part to protect turtles.

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Spend your time closely monitoring these majestic animals. Collect data to help develop effective protection measures and gain a deeper knowledge of whales and their environment.

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100% ethical wildlife & marine conservation programmes

Help endangered species on awarding winning conservation programmes around the world.

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