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Over the past 12 months our volunteers have worked hard to create some amazing results.

Contributing over 58,000 hours, our volunteers have rehabilitated and released 2,601 animals, successfully hatched over 20,700 sea turtles and provided education to over 1,500 children around the world.

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Anupriya: This was probably one of the best decisions I've made in my life

This was probably one of the best decisions I've made in my life.

I highly recommend the India- Jaipur programme. Initially, before I had signed up, I wasn't quite convinced because I felt I didn't have enough information and didn’t feel as guided, but I'm so glad I went with an open mind and without any expectations. This is really important to have especially if you're travelling to India as every day is never the same and you will always encounter some kind of hurdle to pass. But remember - life is always about learning. If you have the can-do attitude, a willingness to gain knowledge and understand the way of life in another country, I would say you've got the perfect mindset for the programme!

I did 3 programmes in 3 weeks. Teaching, Childcare & Special needs. All of them have a completely different experience that are each fantastic. I am so glad I was exposed to all 3 areas as it gave me such versatile knowledge on each of the placements and how things were conducted in different schools/day care centres/orphanages. The children are an absolute delight and I formed such amazing relationships with them. The special needs kids really touched my heart – I highly recommend that programme.

One thing I loved about Jaipur is that this city is full of a lot of love and people are not selfish. They are always willing to help, especially the team – Kapil, Peeyush and Rahul. They are very kind hearted people and you will have a pleasant stay with them.

I was actually the first person to stay in the newly built accommodation and I was really pleased with it. It’s just the kind of place I wanted to stay at in Jaipur- it felt very homely and I know they’ve got even more extra additions to the accommodation since I went in January so you’ll feel very comfortable!

5 stars and a lot of love from me <3

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