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Sri Lanka childcare volunteer

I through enjoyed my time with the might roar. They helped organise all trip and activity we wanted to complete in the two weeks we were there. I volunteered in the local kindergarten and it was lovely environment for the children to be in.  Overall my volunteering experience was amazing and heart warming 🫶🏻

Eve Hurstfield
14th April 2024
I had the best week ever!

I had the best week ever at the Elephant and Rhino conservation at Imire. The food was incredible, the experiences with the animals were breathtaking and I was with a wonderful group of people. The accommodation was beyond what I imagined and all in all it was perfect. The rangers and hosts made you feel safe and at home.

Ruth Inglis
12th April 2024
The Mighty Roar we’re so on top of…

The Mighty Roar we’re so on top of things and made me feel very well prepared, just want to thank them for making me trip feel very smooth and easy as much as possible!

Emma Simpson
9th April 2024
An unimaginable experience

An unimaginable experience. My time in Tanzania was beyond special. The local team in Tanzania are amazing and deserve every bit of praise. The work in which the charities carry out is amazing. If you have the opportunity to volunteer you most certainly should. There are also lots of amazing day trips and activities that you can experience outside of volunteering time. Would highly recommend!!

Courtney George
7th April 2024
Unforgettable experience in Tanzania…

Unforgettable experience in Tanzania with the mighty roar. Everyone I met was very welcoming and went above and beyond during my stay in Moshi. All staff in the hospital were welcoming and a lot was learnt.

The trips we did with the mighty roar were brilliant and very well organised, everyone went above and beyond. Thank you!

Holly Daniels
6th April 2024
An unforgettable experience

An absolutely amazing experience. TMR staff were so helpful throughout the whole process- upon booking, prior to arrival as well as on arrival. This is something that I believe everyone needs to experience at least once in their lifetime! Absolutely unforgettable. All the support staff at the hostel were amazing and could not do anything more for us- thank you so much. I would highly recommend TMR.

Ellie Simpson
6th April 2024
Zimbabwe - Big 5 Wildlife Conservation

I had the best 2 weeks in Zimbabwe with amazing people. Everything was amazingly organised from the work we were doing to the accommodation and the food was incredible. The chefs are some of the best! I would highly recommend visiting Victoria Falls for the Big 5 conservation, an unforgettable experience!

Bahareh Ghazinoori
6th April 2024
Had the most amazing experience in…

Had the most amazing experience in Tanzania working with The Mighty Roar, such a well organised volunteering company and the staff are fantastic. Can’t wait to go back!!!

Tia Tatum
1st April 2024
3 weeks in Tanzania …

My 3 week trip to Tanzania doing the medical programme as a qualified midwife was everything I expected and SO much more. The whole this was so well organised, nothing was too much trouble. The accommodation and facilities at Comfy Stay Hostel provided by Child Hope gives you a true feeling that you are experiencing the true Tanzania and not a tourist experience which is what I really wanted.

As a lone female traveller in my 50’s I felt totally safe and although most of the volunteers are younger than my own children I didn’t feel out of place.

I would highly recommend all the trips you can fit in they are all amazing (safari, maturini waterfalls and coffee plantation, hot springs, Mt Kilimanjaro base camp, painting class).

If you only do this once in your lifetime you won’t regret a minute!

Susan Winrow
1st April 2024
TMR teaching Bali

I had a great time at TMR Bali doing the teaching programme. TMR communications were great and provided absolutely everything we needed before the trip and we’re always there when we needed them. The local team at the camp were also great and would tend to any matters, super helpful. Accommodation was very basic but you didn’t really need much more. The food was great!! I loved the food so much, always very varied and never really the same thing. They also have a little shop by the kitchen which you could buy drinks and snacks from which was good. The teaching was great too! The children were honestly the sweetest people I have ever met, some of their English was already amazing. The teachers there too were also so nice and welcoming. The leaving ceremony was amazing and very emotional!! I will miss the children so much. 

Maisy Bloom
1st April 2024
Primate rescue

I came back from the primate sanctuary last week after spending 3 weeks there and I absolutely loved my experience!

The sanctuary is such an amazing non profit charity, run by Sue Mousley, a warrior in her own right! This amazing human gives her all to ensure these primates have the very best love, care and attention they need to thrive and to live out the rest of their days happily.

Also, Sophie Finch, a young and dedicated lady who works alongside Sue with the day to day running, the support for volunteering and media outputs.

I was so fortunate to meet and work alongside long termers Tina Jenkinson and Lizzy Lorimer - These ladies have been coming and going for many years and leave a piece of their hearts everytime they have to go.

Most many of these monkeys have been rescued by Sue and the hundreds of volunteers/carers thoughout the years from some horrendous situations that has ultimately meant that they are unable to be rehabilitated into the wild so now will live out the rest of their days at the rescue centre, being given the best possible love, care and attention 😍

Daily tasks -

Our days were spent interacting with the monkeys, giving them clean, warm and enjoyable enclosures to live and sleep in (when I say enclosures, I mean, these guys have the run of the place...)

The first meal of the day was always completed by members of Sue's staff in the early hours.

The volunteer's day started at 9am with what was referred to as 'top ups' additional food and fresh water for everyone. Meals were always of a good variety providing balanced and healthy foods, suppliments and engaging choices.

Once we had completed this, we would then take direction from Sue for our next task, usually to clean enclosures. Providing fresh blankets/straw/grass, Leaving new branches and enrichment activities.

It was always a pleasure to watch them go into their enclosures, cameras at the ready!

Twelve until two was our extensive lunch break, plenty of time to relax, eat and regroup, reflecting on our morning and a chance to discuss our afternoon tasts.

2pm would start with top ups once more, just as before. We would then go on to what ever was needed to be done. Grounds maintenance was also important, especially raking the main walk ways, around the enclosures and beneath tunnels when sometimes food would be dropped.

THEN, 4pm was treat time! A most enjoyable time not just for the monkeys but for us also! Everyday, a different type of treat, from monkey nuts to the occasional cheese puffs. And they always knew it was 4pm!

During the whole day there was always opportunity for observations, looking out for the general well being of the monkeys and enclosures.

5pm was the end to our day but we would take turns to help feed the nocturnal monkeys and have quality time too and also by 6:30, the bowl collection from each enclosure ready to wash and be used the next morning.

Accommodation -

Its not the kind of place you need to take a hair dryer and straightners like I did! No, the accommodation is very basic, providing electricity from 5pm until 10pm each day although Sue was always happy to put the generator on throughout the day if anyone needed to wash clothes.

My advise to anyone would be to take solor powered lights, battery packs ect to be able to charge phones, tablets and laptops throughout the daytime.

Shower was hot and had good pressure.

There is a new 4 ring cooker with a good oven and also a microwave.

There are several bedrooms that sleep between 2 and 4 people at a time with fresh linen and a towel.

Time off -

We worked out between ourselves what days off we wanted to ensure we always had 'hands on' at the sanctuary.

We had opportunities to go and explore parts of Sound Africa. Lots to do and see within a short drive away. Not forgetting the Africa sunsets and rises, truly breath taking.

Marnie and his wife who live next door and have been in full support of the sanctuary for 28 years were always happy to help, arrange and even take you on excursions.

I was fortunate to visit Krugar National Park for 3 days with their support and I couldn't have felt safer.

There is a supermarket, a liquor store and a take away just a short taxi drive away, even a KFC!

Overall this has opened my eyes to a whole new world! If you're the hands on type of person, has a huge heart for the welfare of animals and enjoy getting to know like minded people, this place is for you... I absolutely cannot wait to return.

Leanne Eyre
31st March 2024
A fantastic time

Absolutely fantastic staff, get involved with any project with these guys and I know you’ll have a great time. We went on our medical elective and absolutely loved it.

Morgan James
28th March 2024
An unforgettable experience

My 6 weeks in Tanzania was truly an experience that I will never forget. From going on safari to visiting Zanzibar island to making new friends, it was the trip of a lifetime. I also want to say a thank you to all the staff including German, Ali, Felix, Sam and Daniel for being so helpful and welcoming and for making the stay even better. I definitely hope to come back and visit in the future.

Shakeel Usmani
28th March 2024
TMR Tanzania was incredible…

TMR Tanzania was an incredible experience. We came as a 5 on our elective and had such a memorable time. The weekend safari trip was a massive bonus and Timothy was a fantastic guide who helped organise us transport for our travels after. The team at comfy stay are all extremely kind, German and Ali were very accommodating and Felix could whip up some tasty dins. They can provide free lifts to different locations in Moshi. The hospital had friendly staff and was fortunate to see how healthcare can differ. Thanks so much.

Charlie Pearson
23rd March 2024
Could not recommend this experience…

Could not recommend this experience enough! 2 weeks and wanted to stay longer.

Rebecca Mcdonald
20th March 2024
Amazing time in Sri Lanka!

I spent a week volunteering in Sri Lanka. It was such a great experience. Everyone was lovely and very welcoming. It was amazing spending a week helping the Turtles. I would love to go back for longer next time.

Laura Crown
17th March 2024
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