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This was probably one of the best decisions I've made in my life

This was probably one of the best decisions I've made in my life.

I highly recommend the India- Jaipur programme. Initially, before I had signed up, I wasn't quite convinced because I felt I didn't have enough information and didn’t feel as guided, but I'm so glad I went with an open mind and without any expectations. This is really important to have especially if you're travelling to India as every day is never the same and you will always encounter some kind of hurdle to pass. But remember - life is always about learning. If you have the can-do attitude, a willingness to gain knowledge and understand the way of life in another country, I would say you've got the perfect mindset for the programme!

I did 3 programmes in 3 weeks. Teaching, Childcare & Special needs. All of them have a completely different experience that are each fantastic. I am so glad I was exposed to all 3 areas as it gave me such versatile knowledge on each of the placements and how things were conducted in different schools/day care centres/orphanages. The children are an absolute delight and I formed such amazing relationships with them. The special needs kids really touched my heart – I highly recommend that programme.

One thing I loved about Jaipur is that this city is full of a lot of love and people are not selfish. They are always willing to help, especially the team – Kapil, Peeyush and Rahul. They are very kind hearted people and you will have a pleasant stay with them.

I was actually the first person to stay in the newly built accommodation and I was really pleased with it. It’s just the kind of place I wanted to stay at in Jaipur- it felt very homely and I know they’ve got even more extra additions to the accommodation since I went in January so you’ll feel very comfortable!

5 stars and a lot of love from me <3

Anupriya Tailor
17th February 2024
The staff are very friendly and…

The staff are very friendly and helpful. They make sure you have everything you need and help you whenever they can. I did the turtle project and found it to be ethical and worthwhile.  The food is yummy and they always have vegetarian food. The work was tiring in the morning for an hour or two and then you have the rest of the day to do as you please. They organise fun activities that you can choose to join in on if you want. The family are very friendly lovely people.

Sarah Smith
13th February 2024
I had the best time!

I had a wonderful time in Ghana, the team and locals were very welcoming. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working in the clinic for my nursing degree; I learnt a lot about their healthcare system and had a lot of opportunities to observe and demonstrate how they carry out their practices.

Emily Reid
13th February 2024
TMR childcare volunteering

I had an amazing time at the TMR volunteer experience in Sri Lanka! The food provided Monday to Friday in the accommodation was delicious and accommodating for all dietary requirements and there was always enough to go round. I did the childcare programme which was challenging but rewarding too. 

I met so many people who helped to make the experience even more enjoyable and I always felt very welcomed by the TMR crew:)

Eleanor Miller
11th February 2024
Amazing experience to live and work in India.

The experience of being in India and travelling around was amazing and going with the Mighty Roar gave me that opportunity. I chose the teaching placement and enjoyed it. The staff at the school were always very welcoming and gave us some lunch every day.  The accommodation was fine and the staff quickly responded to any issues with food needed, hot water off etc. The staff were all really good and helpful and included us in some of their family events, they could be contacted at any time. It was much colder than I expected when I arrived especially early mornings and evenings. I am an older volunteer but I always felt included in everything and never felt my age was an issue.Overall my experience was great but you need to go with a very open attitude and not have fixed expectations.

Gill Tait
11th February 2024
Had the best time ever with mighty roar…

Had the best time ever with mighty roar in Sri Lanka! I went out by myself as the first part of my travels of my gap year and wasn’t really sure what to expect, I absolutely loved every minute of it. Met tons and tons of people, it was a super social experience as well as the volunteering. I did the teaching which was really fun, the children are so sweet and even though I didn’t really have teaching experience before Ayomi and the team there were always there to help! The food was delicious, and lots of it! The rooms were super clean and comfy. Also got to do a bit of the turtle project which was amazing! Literally lived right next to the most beautiful beach which was incredible ! I stayed for four weeks which was perfect. Such a perfect dreamy place :) thank you so much to everyone there, I’m going to miss it!

Amelia Fuller
10th February 2024
The people made this experience very…

The people made this experience very enjoyable. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to everybody.

Ben Möller
9th February 2024
Travel and volunteering experience at The Mighty Roar

I was with the mighty roar for 2 weeks. My first week was amazing as I was doing sea turtle conservation and felt so lucky so work so closely with turtles and do the beach cleans. I also did the child care which was chaotic but nevertheless amazing. The second week I was doing the travel and experience which was amazing and I really enjoyed it.

Lucia Papadopoulos
9th February 2024
A brilliant time at TMR travel and volunteer programme!

We had such a lovely time during our 2 weeks with the Mighty Roar in Sri Lanka. Our host, Ayomi, was exceptionally kind, always making sure that our needs were satisfied and organising countless activities to keep us occupied in-between volunteering. We spent 1 week volunteering and 1 week travelling with the Mighty Roar. For the price, the travel experience was very good value as we were able to see so many places, staying in nice accommodation and having great food! I definitely recommend the Mighty Roar to anyone of any age, background, country etc as our large group was very diverse and everyone loved it! Thank you TMR!

Phoebe March
9th February 2024
A great place to volunteer!

I had an amazing 4 weeks at the Amakhala. Nicky, Justin and Bulela were fantastic and the accommodation was great. I had a brilliant time with all the other volunteers. Would definitely recommend!

Jago Catherwood
8th February 2024

Everything was really great

Jos Cleary
7th February 2024
Elective Placement with the Mighty Roar

Me and my friends used the mighty roar to complete our elective placement for our nursing studies. It was such an amazing experience and we learnt so much that we can take onboard for our future studies. The company was really helpful at organising excursions and made it cheaper for us to see more things whilst we were out there. The food was very repetitive but otherwise very tasty! We really enjoyed our experience with the team!

Alex Rowlands
7th February 2024
Tanzania was amazing

In Tanzania my fiancé and I did the childcare and the experience was incredible, I highly recommend.

Everyone involved were amazing, Alice and Emmanuel ran it great, German, Ali, Daniel, Emmanuel (driver), Elvis and Sam were all brilliant and made the experience even better. The food was great with classic Tanzanian food and every now and then they would have western food like pizza and pasta.

The teachers at the school are extremely nice and welcoming and the same can be said about the Maasai.

The weekend trips were great, the safari left such a good impression that we will definitely be returning to visit the one we missed, Serengeti.

I hoped we’d stayed in Zanzibar longer it truly is amazing, the guide was very knowledgeable and was the best when it came to the dolphin experience which is easily one of the best moments of my life, swimming with two wild dolphins by my side.

Overall the experience was incredibly enlightening and enjoyable all at once, the children are absolutely amazing and we cannot wait to organise a trip back to see how much they’ve learnt since we’ve left.

Dan Roos
7th February 2024
Everyone really helpful

Everyone really helpful, such a good experience- thank you

Issey Kennedy
5th February 2024
My volunteering experience in Thailand

My volunteering experience was in Thailand helping trying to cut down the amount of street dogs that were in the area, everyone was so helpful and always made sure you were enjoying the experience. All the volunteers were lovely and the area was great with the volunteer house being right by the beach. I would 100% recommend anyone to go volunteer it was one of the best experiences and definitely unforgettable

Jennifer Dyer
5th February 2024
The Mighty Roar

Everyone is so kind, friendly, helpful and welcoming; the food and accommodation is very good and all the trips are thoroughly well organised - truly could not have been a better experience !!

Joseph Bunyan
1st February 2024
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