Gain invaluable mental
experience abroad

Perfect for university placements and experience

Working alongside local mental health professionals you will gain invaluable experience while exploring a new and exciting country. Our programmes are aimed at university students who are looking to carry out their mental health or psychology placement or qualified personnel (in Ghana only).

Our mental health programmes have been carefully and sustainably developed in partnership with our local team to ensure they have a lasting and positive impact within the local communities. 

Participants will get to experience a range of different settings and scenarios, from observing consultations in government hospitals, assisting within halfway homes, conducting home visits and providing education.

  • All of our programmes are perfect for university placements
  • A wide range of health related programmes to choose from
  • Gain vital experience and new skills for your CV
  • We also welcome qualified staff in Ghana
  • Comprehensive pre-departure support and assistance with all aspects of your trip
  • Ideal for first time and / or solo travellers
From £200

Sri Lanka Mental Health & Psychology Experience

Receive a broad overview, understanding and insight into the mental health care and needs in Sri Lanka. By spending time shadowing and observing mental health doctors, you will gain a real insight into the struggles faced and the stark contrasts. Gain a unique experience as you spend time in hospitals, half way homes and at a local Ayurveda clinic.

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From £180

Ghana Mental Health & Psychology Experience

Our mental health and psychology experience will allow participants to see how psychiatric services operate in Ghana. You will gain a deeper understanding, insight and awareness of the mental health care system as you observe and assist in the local government hospital as well as head out regularly into the community on our home visit and outreach project.

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