Help Man's best

Do you want to help the world’s most loyal creatures? Here’s your chance!

We’ve seen too many stray, hungry and poorly dogs in our time travelling abroad, so we have created some special programmes to help man’s best friend! Your duties will range from monitoring strays, to saving those in need and helping to administer medical treatment. With so much to do in between, you’ll find these projects very rewarding!

If you have a passion for our four-legged friends, and want to help in getting them fed, homed and healthy, our programmes are for you! What you do will be vital creating a happy life for these vulnerable animals.

Our programmes start on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month throughout the year and you can choose to join us from 1-24 weeks.

Our structured and safe dog projects, make volunteering the ideal way to travel for first time and solo travellers. Our pre-departure buddy lists and dedicated country Facebook groups allow you to talk with everyone going at the same time as well as previous participants. Volunteering is the perfect way to meet like-minded people and allows you to explore a new and exciting destination as a group.

  • Ideal if you have a keen interest in helping dogs
  • Perfect for student or qualified vets
  •  No previous experience needed
  • Build your CV or with new skills
  • Help to protect vulnerable animals abroad
From £200

Sri Lanka Street Dog Rescue

We need your help in Sri Lanka on our new street dog initiative that aims to help protect and care for man’s best friend and to improve the animal-human relationship within the local community. Being a dog in Sri Lanka is a hard life and we urgently need volunteers like you to help monitor, take care of and feed the 100+ street dogs that have currently been identified in the local area.

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From £600

Thailand Street Dog Rescue

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure rescuing and rehabilitating stray dogs and puppies in Thailand. Everyday you will be caring for upwards of 800 dogs that are within the rescue centre and on the surrounding streets as you provide an essential pair of hands to feed, medicate and monitor them. Located within a Buddhist temple that borders one of the most stunning beaches in Hua Hin, you'll spend your days on tropical beaches.

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From £190

South Africa Dog Rescue Centre

Provide essential assistance by caring for unwanted, mistreated and neglected dogs in one of the best cities in the world - Cape Town. You will support the programme by working hands on with the 80 or so rescued dogs at the sanctuary and have the opportunity to get involved with all aspects of this busy centre. Situated in the beautiful rural suburbs just outside of Cape Town city centre, this is your chance for a real adventure.

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