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  • Selected start dates between Jan & Sept
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Bali Travel & Volunteer Experience

Join us on an adventure you will never forget as we explore everything Bali has to offer and help on worthwhile community and marine volunteer programmes. Spend 2-4 weeks in Bali where you will get to experience it's ancient culture, extravagant temples, picture perfect rice paddies and more. This tropical oasis boasts beaches that most people only dream about and the clear turquoise waters offer some of the most beautiful coral reefs packed with marine life!

This action packed trip offers up the perfect blend of the must sees as well as heading off the beaten path and discovering some hidden local treasures. Prepare yourself for breathtaking sites, new friends for life and complete cultural immersion.

The Bali Experience offers everyone the opportunity to come together and embark on a thrilling and fast-paced adventure across this paradise island. The experience is perfect for anyone looking to travel within a safe, structured and social environment.

Volunteering in Bali

You will spend your first week in Bali volunteering on our community and marine programmes where you will be able to make a meaningful difference. You will have the opportunity to truly immerse yourself into the local culture and community, where you will get to learn all about exciting traditions and intriguing culture as well as experience the genuine friendliness of the locals who welcome you into their lives. You have the option to volunteer between 1 and 3 weeks on top of the 10 days travelling, simply select the relevant duration when applying.

You will be able to assist and help on 3 different programmes while in Bali and you can simply select which one whilst applying. You will have the opportunity to help make a difference to the local community by teaching English, looking after children in day care centres or helping restore the coral reef on the marine conservation project. Please click the below links to read all about the available programmes.

Marine Conservation (total duration of 2 weeks + £80, 3 weeks + £180 and 4 weeks + £330)

During your time volunteering you will be staying in traditional and beautiful bamboo-built cottages right on the beach - offering some of the best views ever. Every morning you can wake up to the swaying palm trees that reveal the clear blue sea and the noise of the crashing waves – paradise! As the sea is literally on your doorstep, you can join all of the other volunteers and go snorkelling every day before breakfast. Full of amazing marine life, this is your chance to explore its depths that are always full of surprises, where you may come across sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins and so much more.

Although this region of Bali is quieter, you can head to the nearby and famous dive town of Tulamben (20 minutes drive), wake up early to see the sunrise over Mount Batur in the distance or enjoy life as a local within the community.

Our volunteer programmes in Bali run throughout the year, so you will be assisting alongside existing TMR volunteers – providing an even better social experience.

Travelling around Bali

It's no secret that Bali's popularity over the last few decades has exploded. With miles of stunning beaches, world-class diving, lush green volcanic mountains, rice paddies and an endless list of exotic attractions - who would not want to visit?

As we travel around Bali we will learn all about the local traditions and religions by stopping at sacred temples, spotting monkeys in the jungle, swimming through epic waterfalls, watching the sunrise over volcanic peaks, snorkelling with sea turtles, swinging out into the rice terraces, learning to surf and much much more!

After your first week settling in, learning about the local cultures and helping on some amazing programmes, everyone will head to the nearby island of Gili T. You will spend three days on the famous Gili Islands that are often referred to as paradise. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, abundant with coral reefs and spectacular marine life, the tranquil white sandy beaches await your arrival, giving you time to relax and soak up the sunshine. Gili Trawangan is known for it’s vibrant nightlife, giving you every chance to chill out and party or visit the tropical beach cinema. There is no set itinerary for your time here, but half day bicycle hire is included for Friday evening and a half day snorkelling excursion for Saturday morning!

Once we welcome you back to Bali, our local tour guide Dewa will pick you up from the volunteer accommodation and transport you to the northern coastal town of Lovina. Here we will have the unique opportunity to release some baby sea turtles, watch the sunrise out at sea and hopefully spot some dolphins on a boat cruise.

As we start to head South we will stop at some famous attractions along our to way Ubud. This will include the majestic natural wonder of GitGit Waterfalls and the famous picturesque landmark and a significant temple complex of Ulun Danu Beratan. We then be calling Ubud our home for the next few days. This is your chance to delve into the markets, vegan cafes and yoga classes, as well as watch monkeys playing in the Sacred Monkey Forest, swing out into the lush green rice terraces, get a blessing at the Balinese water temple Tirta Empul and learn all about how they grow coffee in Bali.

After a busy two nights in Ubud we will be up early on Thursday to climb to the top of Mount Batur to watch the dazzling sunrise! After reaching dizzying heights and taking lots of photos, we will stop off at the Devasya Hot Springs to relax on our way back down.

As the experience nears the end, the rest of our time on the island will be spent along the south coast in Kuta - not before stopping at Tegenungan Waterfalls though. The last few days will include visiting unique temples, learning to surf, partying, watching the sunset on beanbags on the beach and being enchanted by the expressive Kecak dancing!

The structured itinerary has been created based on many years of local experience and past travellers’ feedback – ensuring you see everything Bali has to offer! Not only this, but you won’t need to worry about a single thing while you are there! All of your accommodation, private in-country transport, entrance tickets and meals have been arranged and your travelling companions already signed up! This really is the perfect and stress-free way to explore a new and exciting destination.

Our local team will accompany you throughout your entire trip and will arrange numerous activities for you to enjoy and engage in. As you get further into your adventure you will start to build a bond with the team, ensuring even more laughs and special occasions are to be shared! Their in-depth local knowledge will also provide everyone with useful insights into the country’s history, religion and culture!

Everyone will arrive into Bali on a set date where you will have the chance to get to know everyone in Tianyar over the first few days, whilst gaining your orientation and volunteering before travelling around Bali. While travelling and volunteering in Bali you will have the chance to meet other individuals from around the world and form friendships that will last a lifetime. You will stay together for the entire trip, sharing moments and memories that you will tell everyone in many years to come.

With so much to see and do on your 10 day journey around Bali, the set itinerary ensures travelling distances are short so you can spend your time enjoying this beautiful island. That’s not to say that travelling around in our private bus is not an experience in itself!

As we drive around the island you will come across troublesome monkeys swinging in the trees around you, endless amounts of motorcycles and far reaching views of mountains and greenery ! No trip would be complete without everyone sharing stories and maybe even one or two singalongs along the way.

Other things to consider

Start dates - The Bali Travel & Volunteer Experience trip will run on selected start dates throughout 2024, including; 6th January 2024, 31st March 2024, 5th May 2024, 16th June 2024, 7th July 2024, 21st July 2024, 4th August 2024 and 8th September 2024. During 2025, the trip will start on the 20th April 2025, 8th June 2025, 6th July 2025, 20th July 2025, 3rd August 2025 and 7th September 2025. We are able to add more dates if there is an interested group of at least 5 people.

Top destination - Bali is widely considered by our volunteers to be one of our best volunteer destinations. The majority of our feedback suggests that this is due to the superior local support offered by Ketut and our local team, the volunteer programmes making a real difference, value for money and accommodation location. With this in mind, we believe that Bali is the perfect destination for first-time travellers, under 18's and families with younger children.

Weekends and free time - While volunteering you will have several hours of free time each day. You are welcome to relax around the volunteer accommodation or use this time to travel and explore the nearby area. Please feel free to read through the links listed below for some inspiration on what to do. We also run a three day trip to the nearby Gili Islands on every The Bali Experience trip - more details can be found here.

Vietnam & Bali

As a part of my gap year, I did childcare/teaching volunteering in Vietnam for 2 weeks and Bali for 3 weeks. It was one of the best experiences, I met so many new people, learnt so much and would 100% recommend it to anyone! Overall, it was a trip of a lifetime! I got to experience different... Read More

Hardeep ChahalNovember 2023

Travelling & Volunteering in Bali

When i heard about this travel experience i knew this was something I was interested in. As a 17 year old going to the other side of the world myself , it’s expected that my family and friends were slightly worried for me as they didn’t know if i’d be capable. This was such a filled we... Read More

Madison CummingOctober 2023

Extremely organised and reasonable…

Extremely organised and reasonable pricing. They plan the whole itinerary for you so your stress free. The team are great and super helpful, also I must mention our private driver DeWa - he was absolutely amazing !!

Amber LloydSeptember 2023

A Memorable Experience

My time in Bali was amazing. It was well organised and so much was covered over the 3 weeks I stayed. For the travel part, our tour guide/driver, Dewa, was beyond helpful and went out of his way to make sure we were all content. When my phone got damaged, Dewa was incredibly helpful in conversing... Read More

Aaliyah HussainSeptember 2023

A Wonderful Trip to Bali

This is my third trip with TMR and I can’t recommend them highly enough. I am 59 and travel alone, so safety is my main priority. The trips are well organised and the UK team is always there to help - they even remind you frequently.

I have just returned from the Bali combined trip (holid... Read More

Jackie McMillanSeptember 2023

I did the travel and volunteer…

I did the travel and volunteer experience in Bali, and all I can say is that it was amazing! For the week of travel, we were driven everywhere by the most friendly person I have ever met, Dewa, and he would check us in to our hotels, queue for any tickets we may need, take us to the ATM or to get... Read More

Max KenettAugust 2023

Would 100% Recommend

Would 100% recommend the mighty roar. They helped with one of the best experiences of my life! I will always be grateful for them making my dream a reality.

Daisy CresswellMarch 2023

Bali Travel and Volunteer Trip

I did the Bali Travel & Volunteer Experience, along with seven other people who I met for the first time in Bali, for four weeks in January 2023 and had a great time. The travel part at the start was excellent. We had a local guide called Dewa who was friendly and knowledgeable. He looked aft... Read More

Richard DawsonFebruary 2023

The Bali Experience

An incredible and unforgettable 6 weeks in Bali exploring and volunteering. I was originally supposed to be doing the 3 week Bali tour but then decided that I would stay for an extra three weeks doing marine conservation - 6 weeks in total!

I was mainly doing marine conservation wo... Read More

Grace MundayApril 2020

An experience of a lifetime

I have participated in the Bali Experience Programme in August 2019. I went by myself, but that quickly changed, as each trip has a limited amount of volunteers, which makes it a very easy environment to make friends. We travelled for a week around Bali, visiting very precious and beautiful place... Read More

Abigel DavidAugust 2019

Diving into marine conservation in Bali

  • January 2024
An unforgettable three week volunteering experience helping on the marine conservation project in Bali. Through my time spent in this mesmerising tropical paradise, I immersed myself in the world of scuba diving, coral reef conservation and the vibrant culture of the island. I would wholeheartedly recommend this endeavour to any traveler with a love for exploration, a passion for animals, an affinity for sun-soaked shores, and an unwavering desire for fun. I had the best time of my life and would highly recommend, 10/10 experience!

Oliver's story

Making Artificial Reefs In Bali

  • November 2023
Where do I start with Bali, I came into this not really knowing what to expect but let me tell you, I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life. I did marine conservation for 2 months which seems like a long time but time flies by to the point that 2 months is just not enough. Bali is a beautiful country with great people, amazing food, breathtaking views and many fun opportunities. I can’t recommend it enough.

Nicholas's story

An action packed 2 week adventure exploring Bali

  • August 2023
When I heard about this travel experience I knew this was something I was interested in. As a 17 year old going to the other side of the world, myself and family were slightly worried, but I had the most unforgettable time and met some amazing people along the way. From eating some amazing food, having my first surf lesson and visiting temples, I will never forget this once in a lifetime experience.

Madison's story

Bali has affected my life more than I could imagine

  • April 2023
I spent two weeks in Kefalonia, a greek island in the ionian sea, where I learned a lot about marine conservation, made amazing friends and saw some baby turtles hatch! Travelling and volunteering in Greece was a dream come true and I would absolutely recommend this programme to anyone thinking about it.

Valter's story

My 6 week experience in Bali

  • March 2020
I could talk for day's about my trip to Bali to assist with marine conservation and teaching last summer. I honestly had the best 6 weeks of my life and I cannot wait to go back again and explore more.

Grace's story

Teaching in Ghana and Bali

  • June 2019
I had such an amazing experience with The Mighty Roar. I volunteered on the teaching programmes in Ghana and Bali for 11 weeks between January and March 2019.

Aryana's story