11 weeks teaching in Ghana
and Bali was

Teaching in both countries were polar opposites

After having such an amazing with The Mighty Roar, I thought I had to tell everyone about my experience. I volunteered on the teaching programmes in Ghana and Bali for 11 weeks between January and March 2019.

I chose these programmes because I wanted to do something different for my 40th and volunteering abroad has always been on my list of things to do. It was easy and The Mighty Roar had answered all my questions quickly and efficiently. Everything that I could be worried about was answered and help was at hand pretty quickly whilst going through the booking and arranging process. I liked the variety and choices of things to do and flexibility on offer.

"I would recommend volunteering in both countries. It's a great experience to meet new people and it's so humbling to see how others live and are so happy with so little."

During volunteering in Ghana, I spent my time with 1 class in a private school which was nice as I got to know the children and the teacher. Being a therapist, the discipline side was shocking and surprised me. I got to know a few locals, chilled , relaxed and read on weekend, occasionally spending time with the kids I was living with. Ebenezer was a great host, very helpful, kind and made sure we were ok at all times.

Once I was settled in Bali, I taught at the english school which was great and I loved teaching the classes. The comparison between Ghana and Bali children is polar opposites. Balinese were a lot freer and had more nurturing support from teachers. I quickly learnt more creative ways to teach with the Balinese as this worked better and got the children engaged in conversation

On weekends, together with a couple of other volunteers, we went around Bali sightseeing. In my free time I learnt to swim, got to know other volunteers, read, did some yoga and chi gung. I feel I have made a good few friends whom I still keep in touch with.

The local team were great with helping, it was lovely getting to know Ketut's family too. Accommodation was lovely, it's a great complex to stay in with just other volunteers and there is enough space to be on your own or mingle if you wish.

I am glad I did both projects, experiencing the difference between the 2 countries and people, this has opened my perspective on life even further. I would recommend both projects as it is great to experience these things anyway and is always humbling to see how others live and are so happy with so little.

In this day and age living in a country where 3 year olds have their own mobiles and forget how to play, volunteering abroad with children is a great reminder of how as humans we can be happy with so little in our lives. And not to forget the connection factor with each other too, talking and having fun, playing all vital in communication and growth. 

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