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    1st & 3rd Saturday
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  • Duration
    1-24 Weeks
  • Accompanied age
  • Minimum age
  • Start dates
    1st & 3rd Saturday
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Sri Lanka sea turtle conservation

Come and help on the most exciting sea turtle project in Sri Lanka that is the first of its kind! You will play a vital role in saving critically endangered sea turtles on a 100% ethical project, set up and run by The Mighty Roar.

You, along with other volunteers are urgently needed to help with our worthwhile conservation efforts. You will not only be contributing your time and money to saving turtles within our hatchery and local area but also to gathering essential research data to change how the whole industry is currently run in Sri Lanka!

Our brand new purpose built large hatchery was funded and constructed by previous volunteers and we now need as many people as possible to come and help continue our efforts. Every nest, every egg, every hatchling and every turtle released is crucial to the survival of the species, so why not be part of something special where you can genuinely say you helped sea turtles in Sri Lanka!

Background to the sea turtle programme

Unfortunately, sea turtle populations around the world are on a sharp decline due to natural predators and severe human interference. One of the biggest problems in Sri Lanka are human poachers, who mishandle the eggs to sell to turtle sanctuaries or to locals as a source of food or medicine. Another major problem is actually the 40 so called sanctuaries that line the west coast of Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, these projects are set up purely to make money from tourists, with many cruel practices happening day in day out.

We regularly visit many of the sanctuaries nearby, where many hundreds of volunteers from around the world go every year to supposedly help. There is absolutely no conservation happening and nine times out of ten they are actually making the situation worse. Some of the bigger problems include; many healthy sea turtles being confined to very small tanks without being able to swim or dive, thousands of tourists holding turtles (often dropping them), baby sea turtles being kept in tanks for many weeks before being released (therefore using up all of their energy and any hope of survival) and most sanctuaries from what we can tell have a very low hatching success rate and are mainly producing males.

Our aim of the programme is simple; to conserve the critically endangered sea turtles that nest upon the shores of Sri Lanka. We hope to achieve this by:

  1. Educating the local community about the importance of sea turtles and the environment (plastic, littering etc.)
  2. Provide a new income to local poachers (assisting volunteers, tours and many other ideas) to gradually decrease their presence.
  3. Collect vital research data about nesting turtles and our hatchery's success rate to provide to the government to then look at imposing stricter legislations regarding poaching and turtle sanctuaries.
  4. Create a tour permit system whereby former poachers and sanctuary staff take tourists onto nesting beaches in a safe and ethical way - therefore reducing the need for income from traditional sanctuaries. 

With five of the seven sea turtle species (Hawksbill, Green, Loggerhead, Olive Ridley and Leatherback) being regularly found along the coast of Sri Lanka, there is no better place to volunteer to ensure these amazing animals have the best chance of survival. Although the nesting season is at its peak from November to May, there are turtles coming ashore regularly all year round!

Working alongside fellow volunteers, our dedicated local team and at times, research biologists, you will get to learn so much about the local environment and sea turtles. All of the research data we gather will be collated and published every year to not only help us improve but we also hope that we can change the current situation in Sri Lanka and in the sanctuaries.

Where will I be volunteering?

You will spend the majority of your days and nights on the nearby beaches working with wild turtles! The first and most important location is Akruala beach. This 2 kilometre stretch of golden sandy beach is a hot spot for sea turtles coming ashore to nest, with over 15,000 eggs collected every year - and it's just a 10 second walk away!

We have identified a further 2 beaches close by that we regularly work on and we hope one day they will be safe havens so the nests can remain on the beach as nature intended. In an ideal world there would be no need for hatcheries and we hope from the work we do and the data we gather, we can eventually make this a reality.

The rest of your time will be spent at our purpose built hatchery, just a 20 second walk from the volunteer accommodation or at the accommodation itself, collecting and correlating any required research data.

What is my role?

You will play an important role and be fully involved in our efforts of trying to save sea turtles in Sri Lanka. You will get hands-on experience with this once in a lifetime opportunity to work so closely with these beautiful creatures. You will leave feeling rewarded after having made such a positive impact on the future survival of sea turtles. Get ready for some unforgettable memories and amazing experiences in this truly beautiful country. Just some of the activities you could be involved with are:

Night beach patrols - One of the main tasks will be to patrol one of three nearby beaches in search of sea turtles coming up to nest. Walking along the pristine sandy beaches listening to the waves crash down is not a bad way to spend your evenings / nights! Seeing a turtle slowly make it’s way out of the sea and up to nest is an amazing experience! You will be responsible for transporting any eggs you come across back to the safety of our hatchery where they will have the best chance of survival. Each shift will generally last 1 to 2 hours and cover a distance of between 1 and 4km.

Hatchery guarding - Looking after the hatchery on a shift like basis, you will be guarding all of the nests from any potential predators. During this period you will be in charge of weighing, measuring and releasing all new hatchlings into the sea. 

Releasing baby turtles - By far the most popular and best activity, you will get the chance to release newly hatched babies into the sea. This rewarding activity is of course why we are all here and there is no better experience than knowing you have contributed to the wild sea turtle populations. For the best chance of survival, the babies are released as soon as they hatch at differing locations.

Sea turtle rescue - Our local team and volunteers are always on call in case a sea turtle is in need of rescue. We regularly get calls from local fishermen who have accidentally caught turtles in their fishing nets as well as from locals who have come across a sea turtle who is stuck or in distress. Volunteers will play a vital role in helping these turtles to rehabilitate and then release them back into the sea once they are fit and healthy.

Tank cleaning and refilling - We need to ensure that our two tanks are always clean to make sure any seas turtles currently in our care are happy. Even if we do not currently have any turtles present, we always need to be prepared and ready in case that call comes. Although a relatively simple task, without any kind of pumping equipment and in the tropical heat - it can be quite gruelling!

Beach cleans - Not the most exciting job, but ensuring that the coastline along the project site is clean and tidy will result in more females coming up to lay their eggs – crucial for securing their futures! 

On top of the above, you could also find yourself conducting morning census, maintaining the hatchery and any associated equipment and raising awareness within the local community. 

What will a typical day look like?

The majority of sea turtle activity actually happens during the late evening / night and in the early mornings. For this reason, most activities generally occur during this time, leaving you with plenty of free time during the day to relax or assist with other programmes.

No two days will ever be the same and at the blink of an eye you could be off to rescue a turtle! Depending on what your group has been scheduled to do for the day, you could be up helping from as early as 6am or on a late night beach patrol until 2am! A typical day may look like this -

6:30am - 7:30am - Morning census
8:00am - Breakfast
9:00am - 10/11:00am - Carrying out any scheduled tasks such as beach cleans, tank cleaning / refilling and feeding any sea turtles in our care. You can also assist on our teaching and childcare programmes if wanted.
11:00am - 1:00pm - Free time
1:00pm - Lunch
2:00pm - Assist with the community teaching class or free time.
7:00pm - Dinner
7:30pm - 12:00am - night beach patrols, hatchery guarding and releasing any newly hatched turtles

Where will I be staying?

We cannot think of anywhere better to stay when volunteering in Sri Lanka! Our volunteer accommodation is just a stones throw away (10 second walk) from a quiet golden sand beach that is lined with palm trees – paradise! It’s the perfect place to come and relax each evening and witness some incredible sunsets. Not only this, but you can snorkel in the crystal clear waters that have an abundance of colourful fish swimming around the coral reef and you may even see a sea turtle swim by!

The touristy backpacker town of Hikkaduwa is just a 10 minute tuk-tuk ride away where you can visit many restaurants and bars that back right onto the beach. A favourite town amongst most volunteers, there are many supermarkets, quirky shops and water activities on offer – including surfing. The fishermen town of Ambalangoda is just another 10 minute tuk-tuk ride away in the other direction and offers a more local and traditional way of life. You can visit markets, devil mask museums and also see the largest laying down Buddha statue.

The accommodation is also conveniently located close to the historic town of Galle and well known beaches including Mirissa and Unawatuna.

Other things to consider

Nesting Season - Sri Lanka is quite unique in the fact that the country has sea turtles nesting all year round - hence the programme having start dates throughout the year. However, the peak sea turtle nesting season starts from the end of November until the end of March, with the peak hatching season running from the start of February until the end of May. Although you will more than likely see sea turtles and hatchlings outside of the peak months, it is not guaranteed and will be less frequent. 

Top destination - Sri Lanka is widely considered by our volunteers to be our best volunteer destination. The majority of our feedback suggests that this is due to the superior local support offered by Charith and our local team, the volunteer programmes making a real difference, value for money and accommodation location. With this in mind, we believe that Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for first-time travellers, under 18's and families with younger children.

Helping on multiple projects - Whilst in Sri Lanka and as a sea turtle volunteer, you will also have the opportunity to get involved with all of our other programmes. This unique experience will allow you to assist with sea turtle conservation, but also assist where wanted on our childcare, teaching and dog sanctuary programmes for no additional charge.

Weekends and free time - You will have every weekend off from volunteering and this is the perfect time to explore everything this beautiful island has to offer. You are more than welcome to simply relax around the accommodation and enjoy the nearby beaches, but most volunteers will use this time to travel and see the country. Further down this page you will come across many suggestions and ideas on where you could go. Alternatively, if you are looking to see as much of the country as possible during this time, travel with other volunteers and be accompanied by one of our local team members, then you may be interested in one or more of the organised weekend trips we run.

Amazing time in Sri Lanka!

I spent a week volunteering in Sri Lanka. It was such a great experience. Everyone was lovely and very welcoming. It was amazing spending a week helping the Turtles. I would love to go back for longer next time.

Laura CrownMarch 2024

Sri Lanka

Really amazing experience in Sri Lanka. Everyone was so lovely, friendly and helpful

Charith and Thaksi and all the family are wonderful

Thank you so much for having us I definitely recommend! Xx

Eve LawlerMarch 2024

Family volunteers in sea turtle program

Our family of four (kids ages 9 and 11) stayed at The Mighty Roar in Sri Lanka and participated in the sea turtle project. We made incredible friends and had a fabulous week! We were lucky enough to encounter a large green turtle laying eggs on the beach and witness baby sea turtles hatching in t... Read More

Daniela YoungMarch 2024

Family Volunteer Experience

Our family of 4 worked on the turtle project in Sri Lanka for one week. It was a wonderful week. Staff was very friendly and went out of their way to ensure we had a great time. Food and accomodations were basic as expected. We got to bury turtle eggs and were lucky to be around when a hatch occu... Read More

Eric YoungFebruary 2024

Sri Lankan first timers

We spent three weeks at the Mighty Roar in Sri Lanka in February, working on the sea turtle, kindergarten and English teaching projects. As a family of four we felt so included and welcomed by Ayomi and her team and made so many unforgettable memories. From baby turtles to tuk tuk rides, and suns... Read More

Andy RoseFebruary 2024

Incredible week in Sri Lanka with the…

Incredible week in Sri Lanka with the Mighty Roar, working with sea turtles. Saw so much in 1 week, from swimming with turtles to releasing hatchlings back into the sea. Very supportive, friendly team and fantastic, well organised trips, totally recommend.

Charlie HurdFebruary 2024

The staff are very friendly and…

The staff are very friendly and helpful. They make sure you have everything you need and help you whenever they can. I did the turtle project and found it to be ethical and worthwhile.  The food is yummy and they always have vegetarian food. The work was tiring in the morning for an hour or ... Read More

Sarah SmithFebruary 2024

My mighty roar experience

I loved the immersive culture at the mighty roar. The staff and family are very welcoming which made it very easy to settle into Sri Lankan life. They provided fantastic recommendations for local activities and cuisine and were always open to arranging activities for us. I throughly enjoyed the l... Read More

Josh ManeyJanuary 2024

An experience I will never forget

This was my first ever time volunteering abroad so I was very nervous about what to expect. I am so happy I stepped out of my comfort zone because the memories I made in the last three weeks will last a lifetime.

I came to Sri Lanka with my partner and we were both welcomed with open arms b... Read More

Paige MitchellJanuary 2024

Just returned from Sri Lanka after…

Just returned from Sri Lanka after having a fantastic time doing turtle conservation with a chance to participate in some of the other volunteer projects. Hard work but rewarding with plenty of time to enjoy other projects.

Accommodation was basic but clean and comfortable. Food was good so... Read More

Dee FrostJanuary 2024

Rewarding experience

I've seen turtles make their way from the ocean under the moonlight to make their nests and lay their eggs. I've watched hatchlings make their way back to the ocean. What a rewarding experience.

I've joined the group for beach clean ups. Removing plastic bags and other rubbish to make the o... Read More

Peter McMullenJanuary 2024

Wonderful two weeks volunteering in Sri…

Wonderful two weeks volunteering in Sri Lanka! Ayomina and her family were so welcoming and very kind highly recommend!! Thank you

Ella WarrenJanuary 2024

Sri Lanka Turtle Sanctuary

Spent 3 weeks at the Turtle Sanctuary and managed to participate in Turtles/ Kindergarten and the Dog programmes. All were excellent and well managed. Accommodation was good and nothing was too much trouble for the team. The weekend trip was a great opportunity to see more of Sri Lanka and the Ma... Read More

Justine McDonaldDecember 2023

Wonderful trip…

The team in Sri Lanka are really excellent - so helpful, nothing was too much trouble, it was easy to get a tuk tuk into town or a taxi further afield and the drivers very reliable. Pick-up from the airport very smooth despite a delay on our part. We were working on the turtle conservation projec... Read More

Mrs SimsDecember 2023

Great experience

Fantastic opportunity for my grand children to be involved in sea turtle conservation and kindergarten programme.

Great group of people on the programme

Friendly and helpful staff including availability of tuk tuk drivers.

Beds were comfortable with mosquito nets.

Showers ... Read More

Tina StiffDecember 2023

Great stay

The people were amazing, and very friendly. They arrange weekend trips, and it's an amazing experience for all. The mornings are quite early depending on which course you're doing, but it's a very enjoyable experience! The people you meet there are amazing, and very helpful. You can make amazing ... Read More

Matthew WoodfordNovember 2023

A great first volunteer trip abroad!

I have just returned to the UK following 4 weeks of volunteering on the street dog and sea turtle conservation projects with The Mighty Roar in Sri Lanka. Ayomi and the whole local team were wonderful throughout my time there. The friendly and welcoming nature of everyone involved on the project ... Read More

Helen CalvertNovember 2023

Amazing month in Sri Lanka

It was an amazing month in Sri Lanka with plenty experiences in culture and nature. Everyone made us feel welcomed and wanted us to be happy. I really appreciated that you can easily join more than one project, so I was able to do turtles and childcare. It was great to see the outcome and effort ... Read More

Sophia MullerNovember 2023

Amazing experience with The Mighty Roar!

The Mighty Roar Sri Lanka was the most fabulous experience for us (myself, 7&13yr children). The project work with turtles, street dogs and local children (at school & kindergarten) was exciting, fun & rewarding. And TMR staff were always super kind, helpful & organised. All round... Read More

Jo GambiOctober 2023

2 weeks in Sri Lanka

Spent two weeks volunteering in Sri Lanka and was such an amazing experience. I was very worried before travelling as it was my first solo trip but the team organise everything beforehand making life easier. Ayomi and Thaksi were brilliant and so welcoming and couldn't do enough for you. I loved ... Read More

Emily McCormickOctober 2023

Sri Lanka volunteering

I had an amazing time in Sri Lanka. I wanted to thank Ayomi and the staff for providing such a beautiful experience. I made some amazing friends and lived so many unforgettable adventures. I was very pleased with all the vegetarian and vegan options offered during the meals, and with Ayomi’s wi... Read More

Marta PravisanoOctober 2023

Amazing experience

Really good experience over the two weeks I was at The Mighty Roar in Sri Lanka. I particularly enjoyed the weekend trip to the Cultural Triangle which was very well organised and covered a lot. Ayomi and the team are really helpful and are proactive at dealing with any issues.

Chris LyonOctober 2023

Sri Lanka Turtle conservation

Everyone at TMR is brilliant they take really good care of you and ensure you have a wonderful time! Doing the turtle conservation and seeing what we're doing making a difference is amazing, I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in animals or conservation. I have made a lot of new fr... Read More

Rob BellSeptember 2023

Had an amazing time volunteering in Sri…

Had an amazing time volunteering in Sri Lanka with the mighty roar, if you’re new to traveling solo I’d 100% recommend starting with a volunteer project, the mighty roar felt so safe, there was always staff on hand to help and the area was amazing.

There were always activities and event... Read More

Bee HaverlySeptember 2023

Sri Lanka 2 weeks travel and volunteering

Just finished doing the 2 weeks travel and volunteering (turtle conservation) programme in Sri Lanka. Ayomi and the team were super great and we had such a fun time helping out and getting to meet people!!

Kit CollinsSeptember 2023

What an amazing experience

What an amazing experience! This was my first time doing anything like this and I can now say that I will definitely be doing it again thanks to an amazing team! In the 2 weeks I spent in Sri Lanka I was able to explore everything on my list during the weekend trips and days out that Mamu helped ... Read More

Summer CraystonSeptember 2023

Sri Lanka turtle conservation

I volunteered in Sri Lanka on the turtle conservation. The team were so lovely and the experience overall was incredible! Wish I could have stayed longer. Thank you Ayomi x 

Melodie CraystonSeptember 2023

Sri Lanka

I had a lovely time in Sri Lanka, the staff was very sweet and helpful and the trips were awesome.

Bianca Della GuerraAugust 2023

Best three weeks of my life

Best three weeks of my life - the accommodation, trips and volunteering responsibilities were amazing. These things balance well with the freedom you are also granted staying with TMR in Sri Lanka.  A typical day as a turtle volunteer would be that I would get up, meet friends under the roof... Read More

Jude BowlasAugust 2023

Bohoma Istouti

Walking into Sri Lanka was like walking into an extended family - everyone made me feel so welcome. If you fully immerse yourself into the volunteering and embrace the culture then you will leave with life long friends and experiences and memories to last a life time.......remind yourself that it... Read More

Vicki WhellingtonAugust 2023

The team are so welcoming and very…

The team are so welcoming and very helpful! Visiting Sri Lanka was such a great experience and something i’ll remember for the rest of my life.

Marie BrilliantAugust 2023

I had the best time in Sri Lanka doing…

I had the best time in Sri Lanka doing the turtle program! Everyone was so lovely and the accommodation was far above what i was expecting. The company had so many optional activities available during the day which made my time there so much more exciting!

Margarida MartinsAugust 2023

Free time, lovely staff, inviting environment

I was able to help out by volunteering but still had plenty of time to explore places around me. They made the place very welcoming and everyone was easy to get along with, including the staff, they are always super friendly and make sure you feel included in things! They always make an effort to... Read More

Jordan JamesAugust 2023

Loved every minute

This was my first time volunteering with a company and I’m so glad i went with The Mighty Roar. The process of getting everything sorted before the trip was very simple and the London office was easily contactable via email if I had any problems.

I did the sea turtle conservation programm... Read More

Emily LynchAugust 2023

Turtle Volunteering Sri Lanka.

10/10 would recommend this experience. Ayomi is one of the sweetest people, always smiling and welcomes everyone into her home. She puts in a lot of effort to organise things outside of the standard hours of the volunteering program from meditation with a monk to various sports activities. We als... Read More

Laura BarberJuly 2023

As a family of 3

As a family of 3. Myself and daughters aged 11 and 13, we had an amazing experience. I absolutely fell in love with Sri Lanka!! Be prepared that this is a volunteering experience and not a lay by the pool type of holiday. It was very active. An experience that has taught myself and my daughters a... Read More

Sandie HeybridgJuly 2023

Amazing experience in Sri Lanka

I did the volunteering and travel program for two weeks in Sri Lanka. Great experience. First week was amazing volunteering with sea turtles, was a once in a lifetime opportunity! The mighty roar accommodation was really nice and great beaches nearby to chill, but also Ayomi organised activities ... Read More

Katherine RolloJune 2023

Overall I have had one of the best…

Overall i have had one of the best experiences of my life, being able to help out in such a beautiful country like Sri Lanka will be something i wont forget. All the staff were incredibly helpful and kind no matter what requests you have and did their best to help you out. I would 100% recommend ... Read More

Pedro SousaJune 2023

Sri Lanka- Sea Turtle Conservation

The sea turtle conservation at Akurula Beach is an incredibly rewarding, eye opening and humbling experience. Not only has it been fascinating to learn more about the endangered species and the lengthy conservation efforts to protect them, it has been a rare and beautiful experience to see both a... Read More

Ella BeavenMay 2023

Sri Lanka

I did 3 weeks with Mighty Roar in Sri Lanka and absolutely loved it, the people were so friendly and welcoming and when we weren’t working on our volunteering programs they would plan fun activities for us like surfing, cricket, raft river tour and even when we made our own plans at the weekend... Read More

Melissa HardyMay 2023

Had an amazing experience volunteering…

Had an amazing experience volunteering at the sea turtle conservation project in Sri Lanka. The staff are so friendly and informative, releasing the baby hatchlings and seeing sea turtles laying eggs on the beach was such a unique experience and so amazing to be a part of. Also lots of friendly d... Read More

Ellie WhiteApril 2023

Volunteered with the Sri Lanka turtle…

Volunteered with the Sri Lanka turtle experience and it was amazing. Reply hands on work, friendly, welcoming and helpful staff, always keen for us to learn more about the animals. Also had the chance to work with the dogs which was great. Loads to do in spare time and they arrange good trips and... Read More

Holly April 2023

Great family adventure

I have just returned from a 3 week stay in sri lanka with my 4 children. We did the turtle project and street dog project. The whole experience was amazing. The country is beautiful and all the people are so friendly.

You were made to feel part of the family at the accommodation and nothing... Read More

Laura MacgowanApril 2023

Unforgettable Experience

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a life-changing volunteering trip in Sri Lanka with The Mighty Roar Volunteering Company. I cannot recommend this organisation enough to anyone looking for a fulfilling and rewarding travel experience.

The volunteering opportunities were incredibl... Read More

Mary SharpApril 2023

Amazing experience; amazing people!

Absolute amazing experience from start to finish, met some amazing, now life-long friends with the volunteers and also staff members. I highly rate Indika for all his hard work and efforts that he puts in to educating and working alongside the volunteers throughout their stay; as well as the rest... Read More

Reagan WrightApril 2023

Everyone at the mighty roar are so…

Everyone at the mighty roar are so welcoming and do everything they can to make you feel at home. They organise fun trips for us and make sure we are cared for, I would definitely recommend travelling with the mighty roar.

Katie MacgowanApril 2023

Every in so lovely and caring 100% I…

Every in so lovely and caring 100% I would go again.

Joe MacgowanApril 2023

The Turtle Sanctuary in Sri Lanka was…

The Turtle Sanctuary in Sri Lanka was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The TMR team are so supportive and, after some training, really do leave you to have your own experiences. I travelled with my family, including three teenagers, who all were able to get fully involved. The fa... Read More

Rob FaraharApril 2023

Turtle conservation Sri Lanka

Spent two weeks doing turtle conservation in Sri Lanka. Amazing experience, I went alone at 17 and everyone was so welcoming! The local team go above and beyond to help, and lots of support was available before we left. The best experience of my life!!

Holly EdwardsApril 2023

I am a returning volunteer and this…

I am a returning volunteer and this time I brought my mum and brother with me. We did the sea turtle program and we found it extremely fulfilling. The staff in sri lanka work extremely hard and are passionate about what they do. A big shout out to indica for working day and night keeping the turt... Read More

Daisie-rose April 2023

Highly recommended

Wow what an amazing time we had with Ayomi, Charith and the team at The Mighty Roar. From our first conversations with Chris in the UK to our arrival at TMR Sri Lanka it’s been a pleasure.

Such wonderful life experiences for our whole family. We would highly recommend it for anyone and es... Read More

Chris KennedyApril 2023

Turtle Hatchery Experienc

Ayomi and her team went out of their way to ensure that we were having a great experience. It was wonderful to be able to release the hatchlings and hopefully we helped to make a positive impact on the local area. We would definitely recommend this for families. Happy memories were made.

Lara FaraharApril 2023

Life Enhancing Experience

As a older female traveller , I couldn't have had a better experience than with The Mighty Roar. From the moment I was collected at the airport, I felt looked after like one of the family .

I did the turtle conservation, which gave me so much contact with these graceful creatures, far more ... Read More

Tracy EynonFebruary 2023

Made Friends and Memories For Life

Made friends and memories for life even got a tattoo of the TMR co ordinates in Sri Lanka.

Shannon MacPheeFebruary 2023

Nothing But Love

I cannot recommend enough ! TMR overall but especially the Sri Lankan turtle program. Chris was on hand to help us before we left and throughout the entire journey 24/7. And when we got there the entire family were so welcoming and you could tell they genuinely care! Everything was made so easy, ... Read More

Billie WilsonFebruary 2023

Sea Turtles in Sri Lanka

Me and my friend volunteered with the turtles in Sri Lanka, it was such an incredible experience!! We were able to watch turtles lay eggs on the beach, release hatched baby turtles into the sea and go and visit different places and interact with the turtles (sanctuary, turtle beach).

All th... Read More

Annabel FletcherFebruary 2023

The Mighty Roar Sri Lanka

I did the Mighty Roar Sri Lanka, working with the sea turtles. It was an incredible experience! I will never forget the experiences I’ve had with sea turtles. We were lucky to release baby turtles on our last day which was amazing! The staff were super friendly and treated me and my friends lik... Read More

Emily HaslsmFebruary 2023

Great Company & Experience

The staff are amazing and couldn’t do more for you. Fantastic food and the programme is great with lots of amazing aspects such as watching the turtles give birth and replanting their eggs in a safer environment. Couldn’t recommend more.

Georgia TravisFebruary 2023

Good Experience

Staff at the accommodation were very nice and treated you like family. The weekend trips help you see Sri Lanka if you don’t want to travel alone. I have met some amazing people through the experience

Lucy ChristieFebruary 2023

TMR Go Above And Beyond

Tmr go above and beyond what they need to provide. The 4 weeks I spent with them was an unforgettable experience and one I enjoyed so much I am taking my mum and brother with me to do it again this year. The rooms were spotless upon arrival, the food tasted amazing, the team super friendly and ap... Read More

Daisie BillsonFebruary 2023

Faultless Week With The TMR Team

Faultless week with the TMR Team in Sri Lanka. Karu, Zoyza, Mammu, Indika, Ayomi and the rest of the team were exceptional. I truly felt like I became part of a family for life.

Food was amazing, dessert was offered at every lunch and dinner. Tea and coffee whenever we wanted it. Fresh frui... Read More

Liam PetersFebruary 2023

Incredible Experience!

I’ve just spent a week at The Might Roar in Sri Lanka and it has been absolutely amazing! The staff are so lovely and helpful and I have loved getting to know them all. It has also been a pleasure to experience how the Sri Lankan’s live. The accommodation is very nice and clean and is situate... Read More

Connie DavisFebruary 2023

Four Weeks Turtle Volunteering

I spent four weeks doing the turtle volunteering in Sri Lanka in January and really enjoyed myself! The staff at the accommodation were just great and the hatchery was 100% ethical 😊 TMR gives you a lot of opportunities to explore Sri Lanka on the weekends too which was awesome!

Ann EvansFebruary 2023

Turtle Volunteering

Had an amazing time volunteering with turtles! We met so many amazing people, and it was a great introduction to Sri Lanka. Would definitely recommend!

Imogen MatthewsFebruary 2023

Had The Best Time In Sri Lanka

Had the best time in Sri Lanka, I did 3 weeks on the turtle course with the Maldives trip & had the greatest time, met the best people & shared amazing experiences!

Sam DickensFebruary 2023

An Amazing Fortnight With The Mighty Roar

An amazing fortnight at the Mighty Roar. Did a week doing the turtles and then the next week doing Street dogs and teaching. They also organise so much other stuff in the day time which was a pleasant suprise. Definitely recommend!!

Sophie HornibrookJanuary 2023

Experience Of A Lifetime

We have just returned from three weeks on the turtle conservation project in Sri Lanka. We did this as a family, with children aged 12 and 10. The experience as a whole was incredible, and I would recommend it to anyone.

We felt completely looked after by the TMR team in Akurala. Ayomi was ... Read More

Paul PearsonSeptember 2022

Great Experience

Great experience. TMR are a great company, everything went smoothly and communication was always good. The experience we had in Sri Lanka was well organised and valuable. It was all as it had been promised. Accommodation was very basic as you would expect in a developing country. Overall, I can't... Read More

Becky PearsonSeptember 2022

Great Experience For The Family

Was a great experience for the family - staff there were amazing with kids.

Neal MyerscoughSeptember 2022

TMR - Highly Recommend!

Just heading to the airport after and incredible 5 weeks withTMR. I travelled with my kids (age 7, 10 and 12) and we have had the most amazing experience. We will deffo be back! We’ve done turtles, kindergarten, teaching, dogs and all the weekend travel experiences. I’d struggle to say what I... Read More

Sarah MyerscoughAugust 2022

Amazing Experience

I had a great time in Sri Lanka, the people are lovely and the country itself is amazing! Chuti, Ayomi, Hector, Mamu and sudha were also brilliant, very kind and helpful and I always felt safe in the accommodation, they really made the experience! The weekend trips were amazing i happened to go o... Read More

Beatrice PoultneyAugust 2022

Experience of a Lifetime

Spent a brilliant 4 weeks in Sri Lanka with The Mighty Roar on the Sea Turtle programme. This programme was probably the most structured and I was fortunate to see several green turtles laying at night and release many hatchlings into the sea. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The only construct... Read More

Carole DarkinJune 2022

A Great Experience

Had such a good, varied, wild time in Sri Lanka.

The staff look after you well and offer extra activities that we weren’t expecting.

The food is good, luckily i like that cuisine, it is quite samey samey but you can go elsewhere for other meals and cuisines.

The accommodation ... Read More

Hannah ByrnesMay 2022

The Most Incredible Experience

I stayed in Sri Lanka for 2 weeks doing the sea turtle programme, and I wish I could have stayed for longer ! leading up to the trip Chris answered any questions/concerns I had, and always within 24 hours !!

The country is beautiful and everyone looked after us so well 😊 I loved staying ... Read More

Alisha GrundyApril 2022

4 Weeks at TMR Sri Lanka

I spent 4 weeks at TMR Sri Lanka. Those 4 weeks were 4 of my most enjoyable weeks ever. For my first 2, I did the Turtle conservation program which I really loved. It has a really well organised timetable which gives you the best opportunity to see baby turtles being released and turtles laying e... Read More

Freddie PryceApril 2022

10/10 For Everything

10/10 for everything an unforgettable experience and even more unforgettable peoples special shout out to all the local staff especially Mini

Shannon MacPheeMarch 2022

TMR Sri Lanka

I had an overall amazing experience at tmr in Sri Lanka. I spent my time participating in the sea turtle project where you have to look after varying species of turtles. This is not the only project at tmr they also support childcare and teaching projects for instance. If you disclose that you wa... Read More

Pop FrenkenMarch 2022

My New Home

My new home ! I love this program with my whole heart ! Not only were they passionate about doing good and genuinely helping the wildlife and surrounding community, they also care so much about every single volunteer ! 

Sri Lanka is a beautiful countr... Read More

Billie WilsonMarch 2022

The Best Experience Of My Life So Far

Would I recommend The Mighty Roar? Oh my GOD yes!

I did the Turtle Volunteer programme for 2 weeks in Sri Lanka and had the most amazing experience that I will never forget.

We stayed with such a gorgeous family who really took care of us and were looked after by the most wonderful te... Read More

Hannah McGarrickFebruary 2022

Home Away From Home

Home away from home, you really are treated as part of the family & I cannot rate the English & Sri Lankan team enough, nothing is too much trouble for them.

All the projects make you feel like you are truly making a difference. Especially the sea turtle program, where you go on reg... Read More

Paige GoulderJanuary 2022

Turtle Conservation in Sri Lanka

I had the most amazing time in Sri Lanka! The staff was just wonderful, super friendly, warm, giving people! I would do it all over again, a million times, without any doubt.

Unfortunately I only stayed for 1 week and there were no wild turtles around, but nevertheless it was an amazing exp... Read More

Daniela BrançasJanuary 2022

Found My Happy Place

I had the most wonderful time with Charith and his family. Mammu, Karu, Renu, Hector, Mini, Devika and Keerthi are just the most warm and welcoming family ever. Watching the turtle dig the nest and burying the eggs is an experience I will never forget. The facilities are super convenient and the ... Read More

Vaidehi MurthyJanuary 2022

Amazing Experience!

We had such an amazing time at the Mighty Roar in Sri Lanka. Before we even arrived in Sri Lanka we were supported virtually by Chris and Charith in helping us to organize what we needed to ensure that we could get to Sri Lanka safely. We felt the process was very professional and Chris certainly... Read More

Samantha ParryMay 2021

Great Time In Sri Lanka

I had a great time in Sri Lanka, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it at all as it was my first long haul flight and with no one I knew but the family are extremely welcoming and the volunteers you meet are all 99% in the same boat as you so everyone gets on perfectly.

Depending on what cour... Read More

Sam GrayFebruary 2020

Family Volunteering in Sri Lanka

My three teenage children and I spent two weeks over Christmas with TMR in Sri Lanka. It was the most amazing experience that has enriched our lives in so many ways. Charith, his family and his team welcomed us into their home and taught us so much about their work with sea turtles and their beau... Read More

Emma MitchellJanuary 2020

TMR Sea Turtle Conservation

Thank you to everyone in Sri Lanka for making the sea turtle conservation trip such an amazing experience. So many highlights and special moments, but the opportunity to live with Charith's family will stay with me for ever as will all the staff who were always there to answer questions, suggest ... Read More

Zoe PhillipsJanuary 2020

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with lovely friendly people. We really enjoyed our time volunteering on the turtle programme. Charith and the two main helpers were so helpful and good fun to work with.

We loved the orientation day with the jungle walk and the visit to a temple. ARead More

Sally MayDecember 2019

Sri Lanka Turtles

I arrived from Sri Lanka a couple of days ago after three weeks Volunteering with the turtles. I cannot explain into words how amazing this experience is from watching turtles lay eggs on the beach and protecting them from local poachers, to feeding and cleaning out the large tanks and also compl... Read More

Sammy JadeDecember 2019

Just Fabulous, these guys are gems

Just fabulous - recommend without reservations for any age.

We had an amazing time staying at TMR. Charith and his family couldn't have been more welcoming and accommodating. As an older than average couple at around the half century we opted for a private room, which gave us plenty of spac... Read More

Tamsin BrownbridgeDecember 2019

The most amazing time in Sri Lanka

I’ve had the most amazing Sri Lankan experience, which was all thanks to the down to earth, kind hearted people who take care of the Akurula sea turtle project and accommodation. I was very nervous about travelling alone for the first time but Charith and his family made me feel so welcome! The... Read More

Alexandra-Rose HikinsDecember 2019

2 weeks in Sri Lanka

Just finished my 2 weeks volunteering at TMR with turtles. Back at home now and missing Sri Lanka, the weather(!!?), the experience and the wonderful people I met and worked with on my journey. It really was the best experience I have had. If there’s one piece of advise I can give, that’s jus... Read More

Jason CowsillDecember 2019

Turtle conservation in Sri Lanka

I had the best time in Sri Lanka on the turtle conservation project. From the moment I was met at the airport I felt safe and welcome. The accommodation is lovely it is basic but beds comfortable and bathroom nice you really dont need anything more and the location is great just opposite the beac... Read More

Lydia RackhamSeptember 2019

Amazing experience in Sri Lanka

Really enjoyed my time in Sri Lanka. The food was delicious and the accommodation was in a really convenient place. Made some amazing friends and tried things of which I'd never tried before. Definitely would recommend, and would love to do a another project with the mighty roar again!

Edward GumSeptember 2019

Turtles in Sri Lanka

Had a week on the turtle experience in Sri Lanka and was just gutted it wasn’t more. They are doing such good things for the good and doing things correctly. Very welcoming and always on hand to help and the people you meet are just amazing and all like minded. Will be 100% going back at some s... Read More

Danny BoysSeptember 2019

Sea Turtle Conservation

The sea turtle conservation program was honestly one of the best experiences of my life! Charith and his family were so friendly and welcoming, it made the place have an amazing feel to it. The accommodation is basic but very clean and the air conditioning was life saving. Even though I was only ... Read More

Joesph HitchesSeptember 2019

Sri Lanka turtle project

In October 2018 me and my boyfriend completed 1 week at the turtle project in Sri Lanka but we wished we had stayed longer!! Charith and his family were very welcoming and friendly. Even though we were only there for a week we went on trips to Ella and Galle which were amazing. Our accommodation ... Read More

Katie BodenSeptember 2019

Turtle project volunteer

I went on the turtle project and had a great time, even though it was off season I saw over 100 hatchlings and helped save a few full grown turtles. There was a lot more free time than I expected so didn’t plan much but I made many friends and we went out to Hikkaduwa, Galle and Marissa on a fe... Read More

Katie HaynesAugust 2019

Most amazing experience of my life

This was the most amazing experience of my life! Being 18 and travelling alone was the scariest thing but the whole experience was made so comfortable by Chris and Charith! Charith and his family were so welcoming and having the chance to stay in a safe place with some really good food was perfec... Read More

Tegan WinterAugust 2019

Fantastic time in Sri Lanka

My teenage daughter and I travelled 5 -19th July 2019 to the Sea Turtle project in Sri Lanka. We had a fantastic time! Charith and his family were so welcoming, informative and a lot of fun. I was really impressed as to how "hands on" the project was and ho... Read More

Lisa SweetingAugust 2019

Sea turtle conservation in Sri Lanka

This project allowed children and my youngest daughter Lucy was 15 at the time, as well as offering a one week programme – we only had time for the Maldives trip and a week’s volunteering so it was perfect for us. The whole set up was so professional, from start to finish. 

We... Read More

Jennie BaylissJune 2019

Just returned from turtle conservation

Just returned from turtle conservation in Sri Lanka - we were really looked after before trip and during. We learnt so much and experienced so much. I still watch videos on Facebook and will the baby turtles to make it into the sea! We arrived at the airport at the crack of dawn, The Mighty Roar ... Read More

Alison ThurleyJune 2019

The Mighty Roar Sri Lanka was insane

The Mighty Roar Sri Lanka was insane! The family, locals and volunteers were amazing. It was 6 weeks of great memories, cool experiences and so many new friends! Can't wait to go back!

Imogen BendallJune 2019

Amazing place!

I had the best 2 weeks staying with Charith and his family, everyone was so welcoming and friendly (including the cats Pudding and Sphinx). My days were very varied, some days I would have early beach patrol (checking the beach for tracks that may have been missed during the night), painting post... Read More

Karen GreenMay 2019

What an amazing trip!

Our visit to Sri Lanka on the Sea Turtle volunteering program, was nothing but incredible (other than a little hot and sweaty) The team were welcoming and helpful from the start, and made sure we were able to make the most of our trip from the get go, helping us to book any extra trips out. I'd n... Read More

Catherine MillsMay 2019

3 weeks in Sri Lanka

I had 3 weeks in Sri Lanka and it was incredible from day one a massive warm Welcome from Mia, Simon, Chris, the current volunteers and most importantly Charith and his Amazing Family. On the first full day we had a tour of the local area which was so so ni... Read More

Thomas WoodMay 2019

Such an amazing experience and so…TMR

Such an amazing experience and so rewarding. Not only are you part of a team but you become part of The Mighty Roar family. We travelled as a family for 2 weeks, on the turtle project which was lots of fun with everyone having the chance to get involved as ... Read More

Paul CollinsMay 2019

An insane 3 weeks in Sri Lanka

An insane 3 weeks in Sri Lanka , we were well looked after and treated as family. I would definitely recommend TMR to solo travellers who want to meet new people and have new experiences. 

Sophie WeeksApril 2019

4 weeks in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, it gets in your blood. So here we are three months on from my trip to Sri Lanka where I spent the best 4 weeks of my life. A real sense of achievement and I still get excited talking about it now. There is no better feeling in the world than watching a hundred or so baby turtle ha... Read More

Martin MillerApril 2019

Turtles in Sri Lanka

That was my first volunteering experience abroad and on my own, and I really loved it. I would definitely recommend it and will certainly do it again. I wish I was there longer but I still got to enjoy Sri Lanka and was lucky enough to see turtles and hatching in a short period of time. Everybody... Read More

Julie Bailly-MaîtreFebruary 2019

I had 3 weeks in Sri Lanka

We travelled to Sri Lanka as a family with my 8 year old son, never having volunteered before and not knowing what to expect. I can honestly say we had the best experience!

The Mighty Roar allowed my son to be actively involved in all the tasks... Read More

Loretta RidgwayJanuary 2019

The best experience in Sri Lanka

  • January 2024
In April, I went to Sri Lanka on the 2 week Travel and Volunteer experience and had the BEST time! The experience was the perfect idea as it meant I could take part in a meaningful project while still getting to explore the beautiful country of Sri Lanka on my holiday from work. It was my first time travelling completely by myself and the team, both in the UK and in Sri Lanka, made it really easy for me. If you're in any doubt of going on a trip with TMR, this is your sign to do it! I'm so grateful to the whole team who gave me this incredible experience.

Katharine's story

Two amazing weeks in Sri Lanka and I loved every moment

  • June 2023
I spent two amazing weeks in Sri Lanka and I loved every moment. During my time I was able to fully immerse in the incredible culture of the country and the local team made you feel welcome and were all there for any queries you had. I’m very grateful and thankful to TMR for making this experience unforgettable.

Olivia's story

Volunteering in Sri Lanka at 17 years old

  • April 2023
In April I spent two weeks volunteering in the turtle conservation program in Sri Lanka. At only 17 I was terrified to travel so far on my own, but it ended up being some of the best few weeks of my life! Sri Lanka as a country is incredible - the people are so friendly, the lifestyle is very relaxed and the food is amazing! The mighty roar team in Sri Lanka could not have been more welcoming, anything we needed help organising would be sorted straight away. This experience was a trip of a lifetime for me and hopefully I will go back one day!

Holly 's story

Our life changing family trip to Sri Lanka

  • December 2022
After some health issues at the beginning of the year we decided to do something incredible in the summer with the kids and I’m so grateful we found The Mighty Roar! I have three children aged 13, 10 and 7 and this trip has been life changing to say the least.

Sarah's story

Sea turtles & childcare in Sri Lanka

  • October 2022
I volunteered in Sri Lanka for four weeks, split between the sea turtle and childcare programmes. Everything was really well organised and I had the most enjoyable time and met some amazing people along the way.

Freddie's story

Teaching in Sri Lanka

  • March 2022
Volunteering in Sri Lanka is a must do for everyone! I was a teacher there for 4 weeks, where I was able to plan and teach the sweetest kids from the local village, meet many other amazing volunteers and bond with the whole local team. If you're looking for an experience like no other, then head to Sri Lanka!

Malachy's story

Creating memories in Sri Lanka

  • January 2022
I spent 12 weeks in Sri Lanka with The Mighty Roar and I honestly enjoyed every second of it! My time in Sri Lanka was way more than just volunteering. I made some amazing friendships, travelled around the whole island and learnt so much.

Emma's story

Volunteering in Sri Lanka with my partner

  • April 2019
Our visit to Sri Lanka on the Sea Turtle program was nothing but incredible (other than a little hot and sweaty). Our 3 weeks was amazing from day one, with a massive warm welcome from everyone.

Catherine's story

Conserving sea turtles in Sri Lanka

  • April 2019
There is no better feeling in the world than watching a hundred or so baby turtle hatchlings scrambling along the shoreline to the sea, the determination and drive to reach the ocean, it never gets old.

Martin's story

Teaching and turtles in Sri Lanka

  • January 2019
I went to Sri Lanka in January 2019 to volunteer on the sea turtle program, but was also able to help teach English. I had a huge sense of fulfillment from both projects in completely different ways.

Esther's story

Volunteering with my family in Sri Lanka

  • August 2018
My family and I chose to volunteer in Sri Lanka last August for 3 weeks. We wanted to introduce the children to volunteering so that we could all help give something back to a local community.

Sue's story

Sea turtle conservation in Sri Lanka

  • July 2018
My daughter and I volunteered with sea turtles last August and we would 100% recommend The Mighty Roar; we have even looked at doing another project in the next year.

Jennie's story