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Ghana teaching volunteers

Help teach underprivileged children where you will leave each day with a real sense of achievement. There is no better way to experience life in Ghana, where you will be surrounded by beautiful beaches and jungles and be integrated into the friendly and hospitable culture.

You will play an important role in supporting the local teachers and providing a different way for how the children can learn. Use some of your creative flair and imagination to provide exciting and interactive lessons where the children are extremely excited to see you and very eager to learn. 

Develop your teaching experience in a new and exciting culture as you demonstrate your passion, energy and enthusiasm towards the children.

Background to the childcare programme

Although English is the national language of Ghana, in total there are around 80 indigenous languages across the different local communities. Many of these languages are local dialects that are only spoken within that one local community, with not much focus towards needing to learn English.

Education has become a top priority for the Ghanian Government since the Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education legislation was passed in 2005. Although the act was a great step in the right direction and many poorer families have been able to send their children to school, it did not fully achieve what was promised. The new legislation did not go far enough to offset the costs for schooling by abolishing all forms of fees and reducing the indirect costs associated with attending school. The children are required to spend around 350 Ghanian Cedi (£45) per term to purchase all of their books and resources required to be taught, their school uniforms and for the meals provided.

To try and combat this, The Mighty Roar, our local team and other volunteers have sponsored many of the children that attend not only the government school but also the private schools in the area. Not only does this ensure they get some form of education, but it also means their parents can do their best to work and earn some much needed money.

On top of the above, the education system in the country is far from perfect. With severe classroom overcrowding, no formal training provided to teachers, a lack of educational resources and materials and an overall weak infrastructure, children are not receiving the basic education required. The little education that is currently provided is based largely through repetition and is aimed towards just passing exams. This has led to a situation where the children are able to reel off information, yet they have very little understanding of what they are saying.

Providing the opportunity for the children to converse with fluent, native English speakers greatly improves their language skills. Not only this, but a new style of teaching and engagement will boost their confidence and the energy and creativity that you bring will help them understand the basic concepts of English - ensuring they have the best chance for their future.

Where will I be volunteering?

The teaching programme aims to assist and help government and private schools in and around Busua - where our volunteer accommodation is located. Our teaching volunteers are primarily based at Busua Methodist Primary School and Humpart International School, but during busier times you may also be placed at one or two other centres around the village. You are more than welcome to split your time between several schools, but we do ask that you commit at least one week per placement.

Busua Methodist Primary School - The methodist primary school is the only government led school in the area and currently teaches over 360 children aged between 6 and 16 years old. Located next to the kindergarten in the heart of the village, the large school currently has 8 classrooms and masses of outdoor space - the perfect place to bond and teach the children.

Established over 30 years ago, you will find that the school is severely under-resourced and some of the classrooms are in need of major repair.

Although the school caters for both primary and secondary education, we tend to find that volunteers have the most impact and best experience teaching the younger children (10 years and below).

Humpart International School - Established in 2012, this unique private school is located high up on the hill overlooking the village of Busua. Although students have to pay slightly more than the government school, most attend for the sole reason that Busua Methodist School is full.

With over 100 children split across 8 classrooms, there is less overcrowding and more structure to the daily schedule. However, resources are still scarce and the school and children could really use the help of volunteers to bring a new creative approach to assist with English and other subjects.

You will be greeted every day by the children running over to welcome you as you make your way through the farmers fields and peoples gardens to get here.

Community classes - You will come across the children from school wandering the streets or playing on the beach most afternoons and evenings. Many will make an effort to come and find you and other volunteers to play games, ask questions and to even learn more English. 

Although optional, many volunteers choose to create ad hoc informal lessons on the beach to teach English, maths and other subjects. This is a great time for more one-to-one bonding where you can make a real difference as the children are more relaxed and eager to learn.

What is my role?

Your role on the programme will be to assist the teachers by providing more one-to-one time with children to ensure they fully understand the lesson. On top of this, you will also plan and lead your own classes to deliver a more student-orientated approach. During your free time you will be able to create interactive and exciting lessons (in-line with the current curriculum) that aim to get the children more engaged. Creating lessons that are fun and introducing some new activities really helps to enrich the education the children receive and improves their levels of literacy, numeracy and communication.

You’ll be teaching all of the core subjects including English and maths along with communication skills and basic hygiene. You will also get to introduce new extra-curricular activities, including arts and crafts, singing, dancing, games and sports!

Although resources are limited, there are plenty of things you can do if you are determined and you can really make a difference to the children’s lives. You are of course more than welcome to bring along or purchase educational materials. With the permission of staff, you can organise special outings and trips where you can take your class to the beach and other local areas. Teaching outside of the normal environment of the classroom, boosts the children’s confidence and is a welcome change for everyone.

You and other volunteers will provide a great valuable cultural resource for the children, where they can learn all about different people, places and traditions. On top of this, you will benefit so much in terms of personal development and professional experience as well as take home a huge satisfaction that you have helped develop and inspire many underprivileged children.

At times you may find that you are left in charge of the classroom, with the teachers being absent for part of the day - a common occurrence across Ghana, with or without volunteers. This may seem daunting at first, but with the support of other volunteers and our local team, as well the planned lessons you have created, this will be your time to shine!

What will a typical day look like?

You will typically be volunteering at the schools Monday to Friday from 8am to 12pm, although you are more than welcome to stay later if preferred – with the school day ending around 2:30/3pm. Every day will be different, but as you get to know the children and their routines, as well as develop special relationships with them, you will soon reap the rewards and benefits.

The majority of schools we assist are within a short walking distance (2-10 minutes) from the volunteer accommodation, whereby you will make the journey with other volunteers and more than likely children who are waiting for you. However, some are located on the outskirts of the village and involves a 5 minute drive. This will be arranged for you, but the costs are not included within the programme fee (expect to budget around £2 / $3 per day).

After a quick tidy up of the class, you will be ready to welcome the children - who all make their own way, no matter their age! You will then follow the basic structure of the school for the rest of the day, teaching simple English and other subjects as well as assisting with meal times and playing outside during breaks.

Once the school has finished for the day (around 3pm), all volunteers (across all programmes) always meet at the beach, where there are plenty of things for everyone to see and do. Every evening you will find many of the children come and find you and the other volunteers to play and learn more.

Where will I be staying?

Ghana is one of the most secure and friendly destinations where you can relax, get to know the locals and explore this beautiful country at your leisure. You will be staying within our volunteer accommodation that is nestled up in the hills overlooking the small village of Busua. Offering far-reaching views out across the sea and surrounded by palm trees, this quiet spot is the perfect place to call home.

The small village community of Busua (where everyone knows everyone) will welcome you with open arms and you will be made to feel like a local from day one. Most of your time will be spent on the picturesque beach, that offers golden white sands with palm trees lined along the whole bay. An up and coming tourist hotspot for surfers, you will be able to cool down in the blue waters of the Atlantic and even try your hand at surfing. During your free time you can laze in one of the many hammocks, relax in one of the several beach bars and restaurants, join in with a game of football with the children, play drums around the bonfire or go for a swim at the local hotel.

Other things to consider

Top returning destination - Ghana is our top destination for volunteers returning to help again in the future. We believe this is due to the amazing village of Busua and the local community that live there. Situated on the most stunning beach, the community will ensure you feel at home from day one. On top of this, the feedback provided by volunteers suggests that Ghana offers some of the most rewarding and worthwhile volunteer projects, where you can make a real positive difference.

Helping on multiple projects - Whilst in Ghana, you will also have the opportunity to help with our childcare (no additional cost) and medical (small extra cost) programmes, which are located in the same village.

Cultural differences - It is important for volunteers to join our programmes in Ghana with an open mind and understanding of the differences in culture. The methods of discipline used often differ greatly from what you may be used to back at home and although we do not condone the mistreatment of children, physical discipline does occur.

Previous experience or qualifications - Although an advantage, no previous experience is required. As long as you bring lots of positive energy and are enthusiastic, then your efforts and time will contribute massively to the school and local community.

Online TEFL course - Although not mandatory, we encourage volunteers to prepare as much as possible for their English teaching placement abroad. In the build up to your trip, you can make the most out of your time by completing an international accredited online TEFL course - costing £159. This course will not only prepare and provide the necessary skills allowing you to help further when volunteering, but can also be used to gain employment around the world.

Resources and donations - Resources can be very limited on our programmes in Ghana and we would really appreciate any additional support that can be provided. It would be amazing if you could bring any materials associated with your project, including pens, paper, colouring books and anything else you think will aid your time on the programme.

Weekends and free time - You will have every weekend off from volunteering and this is the perfect time to explore everything this beautiful country has to offer. You are more than welcome to simply relax around the accommodation and enjoy the nearby beaches, but most volunteers will use this time to travel and see the country. Further down this page you will come across many suggestions and ideas on where you could go. Alternatively, if you are looking to see as much of the country as possible during this time, travel with other volunteers and be accompanied by one of our local team members, then you may be interested in one or more of the organised weekend trips we run.

I’ll go back to Ghana!!

I spent 4 weeks in January/February teaching in Ghana. It’s safe to say it was the most incredible experience of my life and I will be going back as soon as I can! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly from the volunteers to the local team to the locals in Busua. I couldn’t imagine a better ... Read More

Abbie BarberFebruary 2024

Teaching in Ghana

I loved my experience in Ghana from start to finish, such an amazing place filled with amazing people!! Would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Harriet JamesSeptember 2023

Ghana Teaching Programme

I don't think I can put into words how great my experience was in Ghana. From the first day we landed, I met some of the friendliest, most caring volunteers with whom I was going to spend the next 2 weeks. Not only, were my fellow volunteers amazing, but the whole team in Busua: Dinah, Emmanuel, ... Read More

Kian HaidariAugust 2023

Dinah , Ghana contact is amazing!

TMR was great with the registration process, handbook and response to my questions was most helpful.

Dinah, our contact in Ghana is extraordinary- from the moment we met at airport I knew we were in the best of hands. She was incredibly responsive and available to all of us.

The exper... Read More

Shannon MartinJuly 2023


I have stayed in Ghana now for 3 weeks, I have just extended my trip after volunteering for 3 weeks for another month, not to volunteer but to see more of Busua. I have had the best time ever. I have met some incredible people and will never forget the experience. Everyone who works with us, Eben... Read More

Megan ReillyJune 2023

Great Experience

Visited Ghana over the summer of 2022 and had a great time. The hosts were lovely and the village was beautiful. The weekend trips were so good.

Rick MalachiMarch 2023

Ghana 2022

I went to Ghana in the summer of 2022 for four weeks. It was the best experience of my life to date. I met incredible people who I am still in touch with now- both other volunteers and locals. Chris was great at quickly answering any questions prior to departure. The handbook was also great in pr... Read More

Zara BruntonFebruary 2023

Ghana Teaching Programme

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Trip To Ghana

Had an absolutely amazing experience in Ghana, had so much fun the people were so kind, other volunteers were great. Any problems were dealt with quickly can’t wait to go back next year.

Olivia SmithSeptember 2022

I would definitely recommend Ghana

I would definitely recommend volunteering with The Mighty Roar if you're looking for an immersive, eye-opening and exciting experience. I had an amazing time out in Ghana, and found the TMR team there to be lovely, friendly people - as were the locals - who worked hard to take good care of all th... Read More

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3 Weeks Teaching in Ghana

I was in Busua for 3 weeks teaching a class of 7-9 years old. Really enjoyed teaching the children , they were so bright and fun to be with. Busua is a friendly village where you get to know a lot of friendly locals. The beach is beautiful and great for swimming and great sunsets. The school I wo... Read More

Pascale CramNovember 2019

My second time helping on the childcare project in Ghana

  • January 2024
I have now volunteered on the childcare programme in Ghana with The Mighty Roar twice and I am already planning my next trip back to Busua! Both of my times volunteering have far exceeded my expectations, with everyday offering a new experience allowing me to see what life is really like in Ghana, whilst also making incredible friends along the way. I truly love Ghana and will definitely be back again.

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Volunteering over the summer in Ghana

  • May 2023
I spent summer 2023 volunteering in Ghana on the childcare and medical programmes and the experience was something words cannot truly describe. The people of Busua were some of the friendliest I have ever met and the programmes were so insightful and rewarding. The past month has taught me more than school ever did, I am going home knowing I definitely see things differently now.

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Medical volunteering in Ghana

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I travelled and volunteered in Ghana towards the end of 2022 and absolutely loved my time there. Although I had no medical experience or qualifications, I was able to observe and assist in practical ways and the hospital staff were very welcoming and friendly.

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The time of my life in Ghana

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First and foremost, I just wanted to acknowledge and give thanks where it's due. The Mighty Roar was a great company to book my volunteering trip through and I had no problems from start to finish.

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Childcare volunteering in Ghana

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I spent three months volunteering on the childcare programme in Ghana. The experience was unlike anything I could have imagined!

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Looking after children in Ghana

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I decided to volunteer in Ghana with my partner. Having the opportunity to help make an impact in a community as well as helping the children seemed like the perfect programme!

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Assisting in the local hospital in Ghana

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The first few days were great, meeting the local people, host families, work colleagues and other volunteers was great fun and I have made life long friends!

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Volunteering at Dixcove Hospital in Ghana

  • March 2018
I volunteered in Ghana with my colleague in Dixcove Hospital and Busua Community Clinic. Everyone was so welcoming and grateful for our time there.

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