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As with everything in life though it pays to be organised. So if you plan on seeing Ghana on one of our amazing weekend trips and would like to be guaranteed a place please book well in advance of travel.

 You can simply add this weekend trip when applying for any programme in Ghana under ‘Optional Extras’. If you’ve already signed up for one of our volunteer programmes in Ghana and would like to add this weekend trip, then please email us – Please note that places on our weekend trips are non-refundable and non-transferable.

We operate a number of amazing weekend trips every month that allow you to explore the country as a group with your new-found friends. The structured itinerary will allow you to make the most of your free time and we have maximised time to provide you with something different and exciting every day. 

A member of our local team who knows the country inside out, will accompany you throughout the trip. Not only will you get to share all of their knowledge, but the trip will be even more enjoyable and safe.

Ghana Cape Coast weekend

Only £149pp - Includes transport, accommodation, all meals and entrance fees

This is your chance to explore the nearby area of Cape Coast, which offers endless beaches, colourful fishing boats and a harrowing history.

One of the most famous locations in West Africa and one of Africa’s most culturally significant spots, Cape Coast is known for its major role in the slave trade industry and it’s colourful fishing villages. Offering an experience like no other, you will head off on a guided tour around Elmina Castle. Encounter the dark dungeons and walk the path that many slaves did through the door of no return. 

Walk high up in the treetops at Kakum National Park along the suspended canopy that is 40 metres high. As you swing high above the ground, don’t forget to look down and keep an eye out for any wildlife that may be passing by.

Enjoy a delicious meal at Hans Cottage where you will be surrounded by crocodiles and other fascinating wildlife where if you dare, you can get up close too!

One day after your volunteering projects end, everyone will jump into a local fishermen’s boat on Busua beach and head to Abokwa. This small uninhabited island that you can see from the shoreline, offers incredible views back to Busua and is the perfect place to admire the sun setting behind Ghana over a nice local snack. Depending on the sea conditions you can also swim around the island and get up close to all of the marine life nearby.

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