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I will always remember
the childrens

The local team & other volunteers made my experience complete

I decided to volunteer and help on the childcare programme in Ghana with my partner. Having spent some time in America working with kids at a summer camp, I have always had a passion for working with children. Having the opportunity to help make an impact in a community as well as helping the kids seemed like the perfect programme.

I spent some time looking at several routes into the volunteering and The Mighty Roar website was easy to use, professional, the help chat was always available and never let me down with any question no matter how small. The guides we had been sent as well were professional and helpful and choosing The Mighty Roar made me feel safer about going!

"I would highly recommend The Mighty Roar and volunteering in Ghana. Anyone who says they want to do something like this I will be sending them straight to The Mighty Roar!!"

Flying to Ghana was a long flight and next time I will make sure I fly direct! The journey from Accra to the project was around 6 hours on a coach that broke down (however Ebenezer ca,e to the rescue in a taxi). We arrived over the Easter period so there was a big party on the beach the first night we arrived, we spent time with our host family and exploring the local area and meeting the other volunteers,

The first two weeks where spent in vacation classes teaching maths, English and a lot of sport to a variety of ages, The final 2 weeks were spent in the nursery at the public school with a lot of fun songs, games and the some basic maths and English - as well as a lot of smiles!

We spent our free time at the beach with the other volunteers and we also went into the closest town Takarodi a few times, Our group made the most of the swimming pool in the nearby resort and spent most nights at our favourite restaurant the kangaroo pouch playing cards and mixing with locals.

During our time in Ghana we made many new friends. We spent pretty much everyday with everyone else and we have all arranged to meet up again when back home in England.

Ebenezer was amazing and does more than anyone I have ever met and his passion is clear and he is always there to help! He loves his community and will do everything he can to make sure volunteers have the best experience! Also Dinah was always around to help and she was brilliant.

I really didn’t know what to expect when it came to the accommodation. As a whole the house was very basic, with bucket showers and minimal decor, but I belive this just added to the authentic experience. I had to fully emerge into the culture and the way of life!

The town of Busua had restaurants and locals selling food, I had a hoodie made by the local tailor which I love and we got some paintings from an amazing artist!

I would highly recommend The Mighty Roar and volunteering in Ghana. Anyone who says that they want to do something like this, I will be sending them straight to The Mighty Roar!!

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