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Read why Izzy is already planning her third trip to Ghana

I have now volunteered on the childcare programme in Ghana with The Mighty Roar twice and I am already planning my next trip back to Busua! Both of my times volunteering have far exceeded my expectations, with everyday offering a new experience, allowing me to see what life is really like in Ghana, whilst also making incredible friends along the way.

"I truly love Ghana and will definitely be back again. "

The UK team were very quick when responding to any queries I had, making the whole experience run smoothly. The local team are absolutely incredible. Dinah is the kindest person and is always on hand to help you out and always goes above and beyond to help you out.

The locals are so friendly and welcome you with open arms and the kids are so full of joy. The community in Busua are like a family and are some of the most hardworking, kind and humble people you will ever meet. I've made bonds for life.

Each time I chose to help on the childcare project and was working with the same class throughout my entire month in Ghana. Being able to see their progress was so rewarding and shows just how much TMR and their volunteers are helping. I was also able to help on the teaching programme at the same, which was also great!

I truly love Ghana and will definitely be back again. 

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