My experience in Ghana
was one I will never forget

The Mighty Roar was a great company to book with

First and foremost, I just wanted to acknowledge and give thanks where it's due. The Mighty Roar was a great company to book my volunteering trip through and I had no problems from start to finish. Every single person involved in making the project run was so helpful and prompt, in the UK and Ghana. Parker was amazing in collecting us and taking us to the hostel and then to get breakfast, before the journey to meet Ebenezer. It all went so smoothly with us needing to ask very little as she was great in letting us know what was happening and looked after us all so well.

My experience in Ghana was one I will never forget. At the age of 31, I thought I was a bit old for this kind of thing but once I was there I found that it doesn't matter what age you are - it's all about how you perceive the experience. What you put into it is what you get out of it. I went to Ghana with an open mind to what I was going to experience and it excelled my thoughts and more! 

"This is a great project, making a huge difference to the children of Busua. I think it really puts your life into perspective and opens your mind up to so much more."

The local people of Ghana were the most friendly and welcoming people I have ever come across. To the extent that I have made some great bonds with people who looked out for me and made my experience, making great friends for life. The village of Busua was so safe and I got welcomed so much by locals that I very quickly felt like it was my home.

The majority of the fellow volunteers were 18 on a gap year, with only a few being ages with me. They were all lovely and I got on really well with them all. I have nothing but great words to say about my whole experience and I know that the volunteers I have left behind still there are having the time of their lives! It is a great opportunity for young people, for anyone really! I think it really puts your life into perspective and opens your mind up to so much more. I do believe that to get the most from your experience, you have to be open minded and willing to gain from it. 

I would say the volunteer house was very basic, but I had no grumbles to make, as I didn't have any great expectations. To note: The bathroom sink in our bedroom was cracked and with no water coming through the tap. However, this did not cause any problems.

Dinah did an amazing job at feeding us all so well with her great cooking. I have no complaints to make with the meals or food. It was a variety throughout the week and all very tasty. Dinah even began writing a menu and asking us all to choose what we would like for the next days meals which was nice. She was also so lovely in helping me out with getting my hair done and coming to the market in Agona with me when I wanted the same trousers she had.

Ebenezer was a great host in Busua and was very accommodating with being prompt in answering texts and being there when needed. He took us on 2 trips. I believe I had booked the mole national park trip which I then found out wasn't running so we then went on the Cape Coast weekend trip - I also went on the trip to the village on stilts. Both trips were really good and went so smoothly.

I had an amazing time in the Busua public school. I worked between key 1 and key 2 classes. I work in a nursery back home so it was great to see the difference in educating and used my own knowledge and experience. I spent 4 days within the nursery/childcare class and then 1 day at the private school. This was meant to be 4 days, to split up my time experiencing the different school and ages groups, but after one day, I really missed my kids back at the other school so I went back to them.

I have used the £500 I raised to take with me on sponsoring 4 boys from key 1 and key 2 classes and I went to Agona market with 2 locals who helped me to get lots of things for the children with the best prices.

I have already planned to return to Busua next year. I will be back to see my friends and children, hoping to take more money and make more of an impact. I think this is a great project, making a huge difference to the children of Busua, and I would highly recommend The Mighty Roar to anyone looking to experience working with children in a disadvantaged country.

Thanks for an amazing trip!

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