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Ghana medical experience

This is your chance to gain valuable first-hand experience of the healthcare system in Ghana. You will get a real insight into the difficulties faced and meet some of the amazing people trying to help make a difference to the lives of the local community.

During your time on the placement, you will get to shadow and assist the professional medical staff where you will get an unparalleled experience. You will be involved in the day-to-day activities of the hospital, observing the doctors and nurses where you can help out in simple but practical ways, vastly increasing your own knowledge and understanding of medical practice.

You will have the opportunity to be placed in many different departments so that you can gain a broad overview of the hospital. Your time in the clinics can be spent in a variety of ways including on maternity wards, operating theatres and recovery wards (a full list is below).


Who is it for?
Medical students, qualified professionals and volunteers with no experience
Departments available
Accident and emergency, theatre, anaesthesia, antenatal, labour ward, public health, disease control, ear, nose and throat, general nursing, ophthalmic, pharmacy, physiotherapy and laboratory
Elective placements
Medical, midwifery, nursing and pharmacy
Background to the medical programme

The healthcare system in Ghana began with a similar tax-funded system that we see here in the United Kingdom and offered free public health care services to everyone after the country's independence in 1957. However, over the decades that proceeded, the system became financially unsustainable and led to new charges being enforced from the 1970's. Despite a new income being generated, there was still a huge lack of medicines and supplies which led to a severe decline in quality of care - something needed to be changed.

Since the introduction of the National Health Insurance Act 2003, the healthcare system has improved greatly. The vast majority of the population now have access to government medical services. However, there are still a number of challenges, particularly in the more remote and rural areas - including where you will be based.

A large majority of patients arriving at hospital each and every day are there due to illnesses related to poor drinking water, poor sanitation and malaria. Many causes of death and serious illness are generally avoidable. In addition to this, HIV / AIDS, yellow fever, cholera, typhoid, measles and other diseases endemic to sub-Saharan African countries continue to harm the lives of so many Ghanaians. 

You will get to see first-hand how cultural factors, scarce resources and a lack of education / health awareness cause an alarmingly high number of preventable cases admitted each day.

Where will I be volunteering?

Dixcove Government Hospital - Nana-Hima-Dekyi Hospital (more commonly known as Dixcove Government Hospital), was constructed in 1972 by the queen mother Nana Hima Dekyi XIV to provide health care services to 'her people.' Thirteen years later in 1985, the hospital was adopted by the government to provide public health services to the Ahanta West Municipality. 

Based in the coastal town of Dixcove, near the southern-most part of Ghana (Cape Three Points), the hospital is just a 15 minute drive from the volunteer accommodation.

The medium sized hospital has a total bed capacity of 78 and during an average month in 2019, the hospital treated over 400 inpatients (81 paediatric), successfully delivered 93 babies,  carried out 40 surgeries and saw a total of 2300 outpatients.

The hospital is home to a range of departments including; accident and emergency, general surgery, maternity, ear, nose and throat, nursing, ophthalmology, general medicine, paediatrics, pharmacy, laboratory services, community health education, radiology, chronic disease clinic and psychiatry.

Busua Community Clinic - Located in the heart of the village and next to the primary school. 

Whenever we have volunteers placed within the clinic, whether that be for a few weeks or even days, the number of locals that visit drastically increases. Although we welcome volunteers from all backgrounds to come and experience the clinic, we find that qualified professionals get the most from their time here. You are more than welcome to set up different community outreach programmes, such as testing for Malaria, carrying out free routine health checks or any other speciality you may be involved in.

What is my role?

Your role on the medical programme will be largely observational, however, you may be assigned some very basic hands-on involvement. This could include taking blood pressure and sugar levels, administering IV injections, dressing wounds, taking temperatures etc. and will be undertaken under the supervision of a medical professional. Although we cannot guarantee this and it is at the sole discretion of your local supervisor, feedback from past volunteers suggest most students get involved with basic activities as listed above.

You will gain hands on training, supervised by experienced English-speaking medical experts. This is your chance to vastly increase your own knowledge by being fully involved in the day-to-day activities of the hospital, observing the doctors and nurses and helping out in simple but practical ways.

During your time in Ghana you will gain an insight into the alarmingly high number of preventable cases admitted each day and get to witness scenarios that are not so common back home. These can include tropical diseases such as Malaria, Yellow Fever and dengue, along with HIV, measles, typhoid and more.

Although the hospital adopts modern forms of treatment, you will get to experience how cases are treated in an under-resourced and poorly staffed healthcare system. Furthermore, you will find how cultural attitudes differ towards medicine, develop a range of new skills and discover new perspectives.

Depending on your total duration on the programme and if you have any specific requirements for your time in Ghana, you will get the opportunity to observe and help across many departments. The full list can be found further above but can include nursing, surgery, maternity, paediatrics and more.

Our Ghana medical experience welcomes people from all backgrounds. So if you have just left school and are looking for experience to boost your university application (pre-med), currently a university student organising an elective placement overseas or are a trained professional - this is the perfect programme for you.

We are able to offer a more specific programme for medical, midwifery, nursing and pharmacy students looking to take part in an overseas elective. We are able to tailor the programme to provide you with a unique experience that will meet all of your requirements and maximise your time abroad. Our UK and local teams are able to complete any necessary paperwork for your university or other scheme.

What will a typical day look like?

Your varied role and the ever-changing scenarios of a hospital will mean every day is different. You will generally be volunteering from Monday to Friday for approximately 4-6 hours per day. There are several shifts throughout the day and night that you are able to opt for which will ensure you get to see all of the procedures throughout a normal working day. The different shifts are generally 8am-12/1pm, 2pm–7pm and 8pm–8am.

If you are volunteering on the Ghana medical programme as part of your medical elective placement, then we can ensure that you work the required amount of hours per week.

Once you have finished your placement for the day, all volunteers (across all programmes) always meet at the beach, where there are plenty of things for everyone to see and do. Every evening you will find many of the children come and find you and the other volunteers to play.

Transport to and from the hospital is not included within the programme fee but is arranged by our local team and carried out by a private car. The journey takes around 15 minutes and you should budget around £8-£10 ($10-$12) per day – but this will generally be split between anyone else travelling at the same time so works out a lot less. 

Where will I be staying?

Ghana is one of the most secure and friendly destinations where you can relax, get to know the locals and explore this beautiful country at your leisure. You will be staying within our volunteer accommodation that is nestled up in the hills overlooking the small village of Busua. Offering far-reaching views out across the sea and surrounded by palm trees, this quiet spot is the perfect place to call home.

The small village community of Busua (where everyone knows everyone) will welcome you with open arms and you will be made to feel like a local from day one. Most of your time will be spent on the picturesque beach that offers golden white sands with palm trees lined along the whole bay. An up and coming tourist hotspot for surfers, you will be able to cool down in the blue waters of the Atlantic and even try your hand at surfing. During your free time you can laze in one of the many hammocks, relax in one of the several beach bars and restaurants, join in with a game of football with the children, play drums around the bonfire or go for a swim at the local hotel.

Other things to consider

Level of involvement - Although your role at the hospitals is largely observational, the majority of volunteers are assigned basic hands-on tasks such as taking blood pressure and blood sugar levels, dressing wounds, administering IV injections, recording temperatures and more. Please note we cannot guarantee your level of involvement and this will be at the sole discretion of your supervisor in-country.

Trained professionals - We welcome trained and qualified professionals to come and assist on our medical programme in Ghana. Once you have confirmed your placement we will be in contact to confirm credentials and work out your placement schedule.

Top returning destination - Ghana is our top destination for volunteers returning to help again in the future. We believe this is due to the amazing village of Busua and the local community that live there. Situated on the most stunning beach, the community will ensure you feel at home from day one. On top of this, the feedback provided by volunteers suggests that Ghana offers some of the most rewarding and worthwhile volunteer projects, where you can make a real positive difference.

Helping on multiple projects - Whilst in Ghana, you will also have the opportunity to assist with our teaching and childcare programmes for no additional costs. All of our programmes in Ghana are located in the same village.

Weekends and free time - You will have every weekend off from volunteering and this is the perfect time to explore everything this beautiful country has to offer. You are more than welcome to simply relax around the accommodation and enjoy the nearby beaches, but most volunteers will use this time to travel and see the country. Further down this page you will come across many suggestions and ideas on where you could go. Alternatively, if you are looking to see as much of the country as possible during this time, travel with other volunteers and be accompanied by one of our local team members, then you may be interested in one or more of the organised weekend trips we run.

I had the best time!

I had a wonderful time in Ghana, the team and locals were very welcoming. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working in the clinic for my nursing degree; I learnt a lot about their healthcare system and had a lot of opportunities to observe and demonstrate how they carry out their practices.

Emily ReidFebruary 2024

Healthcare in Ghana

Being part of healthcare in Ghana was amazing. I got to learn a lot about their ways of doing things, shared what I knew, and saw firsthand how dedicated the healthcare pros there are. It totally changed how I see things in healthcare. Highly recommend for medical students.

Tanya DjemalJanuary 2024

I spent August 2023 volunteering in Ghana on childcare and medical programmes, and the experience was something words cannot describe. The local team were amazing, especially Dinah who helped us with whatever we needed. The Mighty Roar were amazing from start to finish, and I couldn’t reco... Read More

Katie MagillOctober 2023

I absolutely loved it!

I absolutely loved it!

I felt safe and cared for by amazing people :)

Dinah was incredible and even sorted out medication for me when I needed it. Laurel was lovely, John was a brilliant driver and Michael made me laugh like I haven’t in a long time. The locals are so kind and accom... Read More

Katie YoungOctober 2023

Such an amazing trip and experience

Such an amazing trip and experience, the local volunteers are lovely and it was brilliant to see how the hospital worked and get to see surgeries and help out. Definitely recommend!!

Anna GarnettSeptember 2023

Such an amazing time and set up

Such an amazing time and set up

Jemima HitchamAugust 2023

7 weeks medical elective - Tanzania, Ghana + Sri Lanka

I spent 7 weeks total across Tanzania, Ghana + Sri Lanka on my medical elective + had the most incredible experience.

Tanzania - the staff were very helpful + friendly - arranging regular afternoon trips (waterfalls, Kilimanjaro hikes, hot springs), as well as being flexible with allowing m... Read More

Beth WilkinsonAugust 2023

The whole experience in Ghana was…

The whole experience in Ghana was amazing from start to finish ! The hosts Dinah , Laura, Sylvester, Emanuel and ebenezer all took great care of us, there was nothing they wouldn’t do for us . The weekend trips always to cape coast and the still village was amazing I loved my experience here an... Read More

Shabana SaleemAugust 2023

Volunteering in Ghana

Had the best time in Ghana!

Dinah, Laura, Emmanuel, Sylvester and Michelle have made my time in Ghana the best so accommodating and welcoming couldn't of asked for better people looking after us.

The weekend trips that were organised to cape coast and the stilt village were also amazi... Read More

Laura HorsfieldJuly 2023

Volunteering in Ghana😊

Volunteering with the mighty roar in Busua was a pleasure and I would 100% recommend this experience to anyone. Busua is a beautiful village and you will fall in love with the children and make amazing friends with the locals, who will welcome you with open arms. Everyone that is part of TMR in G... Read More

Hollie EllisJuly 2023

Ghana medical

Volunteering in Ghana with the mighty roar was an amazing and eye opening experience. I volunteered in the hospital mostly on the maternity ward. I learned so much and got the opportunity to experience so much. The highlight volunteering in the hospital was watching a C-section and a vaginal deli... Read More

Tasmin SmithJuly 2023

Hospital volunteering in Ghana

Such an amazing experience volunteering at the hospital in Ghana. The staff at TMR are so kind, welcoming and helpful. I have learnt so much, made amazing memories and it is a trip I will always remember! Busua is a beautiful place with such a caring community. A really fun and insightful experie... Read More

Anna BartonJuly 2023

Ghana Medical Experience

I visited Ghana for the medical experience and had the most amazing time. The hospital offered such a stark contrast to UK medicine and was a very valuable experience as a medical student. The village of Busua that you stay in is welcoming and beautiful, and you always feel 100% safe. Would recom... Read More

Gabrielle BladesFebruary 2023

Medical volunteering in Ghana

I loved my time in Ghana and would defenitly reccomend it to others. I was quite scared at first as my friend and I were travelling by ourselves for the first time but the staff were very welcoming and took good care of us. The hospital staff very great and really welcoming, especially the matern... Read More

Sohpie GildeaJanuary 2023

Amazing Experience

Was truly an amazing experience.

Luca PapoffJuly 2022

An Enjoyable Time In Ghana

I really enjoyed my time with the Mighty Roar and got to love Ghana!! Everything went well and my volunteering project at the hospital was very insightful and interesting! The only thing that keeps me from giving 5 stars is that the curfew for the volunteers not always seemed reasonable. Apart fr... Read More

Clara NathrathJune 2022

Ghana Medical Programme

I volunteered on the Ghana Medical program for 5 weeks and had the most amazing time. Although we were based in a small village in Western Ghana, with basic amenities, the kindness of the people and the beauty of the surroundings made the experience truly unforgettable. I was able to see all sort... Read More

Jordan BarnesMay 2022

Volunteering In Ghana

Extremely great experience, I didn’t go for a very long time but whilst i did i worked in the hospital for a week and i would recommend it not only gaining a lot of knowledge from the hospital the team there are very accommodating and the locals too.

Kirandeep KaurApril 2022

Medical volunteering in Ghana

I took part in the medical volunteering programme in Ghana during the summer of 2019. I had an amazing two weeks helping out at the hospital, relaxing at the beach and experiencing Ghanaian culture. The host family I stayed with were very friendly and I always felt safe there. The trip was a grea... Read More

Lois BenneyDecember 2019

Medical project Ghana

Although I was very nervous on the first few days, this experience has been completely life changing for me. Getting to experience the healthcare system in Ghana firsthand was eye opening and has allowed me to learn and develop a range of skills useful for the future. The town of Busua is a very ... Read More

Rebekah SmithAugust 2019

Loved every minute

It was a bit of a shock to the system when I got to the Ghana volunteer program however I had the most amazing and worthwhile experience, met incredible people. Would highly recommend, I did the medical program and the nurses were lovely and I saw some incredible things that has changed me as a p... Read More

Rosie MartineauAugust 2019

Volunteering in Busua

I had an amazing time in Ghana in the hospital and school! Amazing support from Ebenezer and Dihna the project co-ordinators in Busua and my host family were very kind and the food was great! The only thing I would say that could be improved would be a list of what to bring to the hospital as the... Read More

Ella McElneaJuly 2019

Ghana medicine

The best 5 weeks ever. The in country coordinator Ebenezer was amazing from start to finish, and support from the mighty roar before and after made the trip run so smoothly. Will definitely be using this company again for future trips!

Gabrielle BladesJuly 2019

My first trip to Africa

I choose TMR Ghana as I had not been to Africa before. I wanted to join a medical project as I am a registered nurse and have been for 23 years. I looked at various charitable organisations on line; I liked the variety that TMR offered. The online chat and ... Read More

Allison ClarkeJune 2019

I volunteered in Ghana with my colleague in Dixcove Hospital and Busua Clinic. At the hospital, we were given hands on experience by doing ward rounds and working in the Outpatient Department. Whilst at Busua Clinic, we managed the Clinic ourselves and set it up how we wanted, which was great.Read More

Anthony AdamsMarch 2018

My second time helping on the childcare project in Ghana

  • January 2024
I have now volunteered on the childcare programme in Ghana with The Mighty Roar twice and I am already planning my next trip back to Busua! Both of my times volunteering have far exceeded my expectations, with everyday offering a new experience allowing me to see what life is really like in Ghana, whilst also making incredible friends along the way. I truly love Ghana and will definitely be back again.

Izzy's story

Volunteering over the summer in Ghana

  • May 2023
I spent summer 2023 volunteering in Ghana on the childcare and medical programmes and the experience was something words cannot truly describe. The people of Busua were some of the friendliest I have ever met and the programmes were so insightful and rewarding. The past month has taught me more than school ever did, I am going home knowing I definitely see things differently now.

Katie's story

Medical volunteering in Ghana

  • November 2022
I travelled and volunteered in Ghana towards the end of 2022 and absolutely loved my time there. Although I had no medical experience or qualifications, I was able to observe and assist in practical ways and the hospital staff were very welcoming and friendly.

Sohpie's story

The time of my life in Ghana

  • November 2021
First and foremost, I just wanted to acknowledge and give thanks where it's due. The Mighty Roar was a great company to book my volunteering trip through and I had no problems from start to finish.

Alex's story

Childcare volunteering in Ghana

  • September 2019
I spent three months volunteering on the childcare programme in Ghana. The experience was unlike anything I could have imagined!

Megan's story

Looking after children in Ghana

  • May 2019
I decided to volunteer in Ghana with my partner. Having the opportunity to help make an impact in a community as well as helping the children seemed like the perfect programme!

Christopher's story

Assisting in the local hospital in Ghana

  • February 2019
The first few days were great, meeting the local people, host families, work colleagues and other volunteers was great fun and I have made life long friends!

Allison's story

Volunteering at Dixcove Hospital in Ghana

  • March 2018
I volunteered in Ghana with my colleague in Dixcove Hospital and Busua Community Clinic. Everyone was so welcoming and grateful for our time there.

Anthony's story