Volunteering with children on the
beautiful beaches of

Three months I will never forget

I volunteered in Ghana on the Teaching Programme for 3 months (June - August 2018). This experience was unlike anything I could have imagined! Our accommodation was located on the beach front, overlooking the breath taking views of Busua Beach. The rooms are basic with bucket showers, as you are fully immersed in the Ghanaian lifestyle. I think this made me appreciate how the locals live even more and the locals respected us for embracing their way of living also.

"I will never forget my time spent in Ghana, I would 100% recommend this experience to anybody! "

Our day would consist of waking up, being delivered breakfast by our host family, which would usually be either sweet bread, omelette, or rice pudding. Then taking a short walk through the village to the local school and spending the day teaching basic maths and English. 

Later in the afternoon all of the volunteers would spend time together on the beach, practicing surfing (a popular attraction to the village) and eating dinner at the restaurants on the beach front.

On the weekends our friendly guide Ebenezer would take us on trips to explore Ghana, such as Cape Coast, where we went on a canopy walk through the tree tops and visited a crocodile park. These weekend trips allow you to bond with your fellow volunteers and develop new cultural experiences.

This programme was more than just teaching, it was an opportunity to become part of a community who truly value each and every volunteer. Busua is a small friendly village where everyone is warm and welcoming.

The school children were so happy and excited to spend time with us each day. Any gifts and resources are greatly appreciated by the school. Seeing children’s faces light up at the sight of multi coloured crayons makes you feel extremely humbled to be a part of such moving programme.

Seeing these levels of poverty and being able to help and make a difference to people’s lives is something that will stay with me forever. I will never forget my time spent in Ghana, I would 100% recommend this experience to anybody! 

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