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Diving into marine conservation in Bali

An unforgettable three week volunteering experience helping on the marine conservation project in Bali. Through my time spent in this mesmerising tropical paradise, I immersed myself in the world of scuba diving, coral reef conservation and the vibrant culture of the island. I would wholeheartedly recommend this endeavour to any traveler with a love for exploration, a passion for animals, an affinity for sun-soaked shores, and an unwavering desire for fun. I had the best time of my life and would highly recommend, 10/10 experience!

Oliver's story

My second time helping on the childcare project in Ghana

I have now volunteered on the childcare programme in Ghana with The Mighty Roar twice and I am already planning my next trip back to Busua! Both of my times volunteering have far exceeded my expectations, with everyday offering a new experience allowing me to see what life is really like in Ghana, whilst also making incredible friends along the way. I truly love Ghana and will definitely be back again.

Izzy's story

The best experience in Sri Lanka

In April, I went to Sri Lanka on the 2 week Travel and Volunteer experience and had the BEST time! The experience was the perfect idea as it meant I could take part in a meaningful project while still getting to explore the beautiful country of Sri Lanka on my holiday from work. It was my first time travelling completely by myself and the team, both in the UK and in Sri Lanka, made it really easy for me. If you're in any doubt of going on a trip with TMR, this is your sign to do it! I'm so grateful to the whole team who gave me this incredible experience.

Katharine's story

Volunteering on my gap year in Vietnam & Bali

As a part of my gap year, I travelled to Vietnam and Bali. It was one of the best experiences, I met so many new people, learnt so much and would 100% recommend it to anyone! My journey started in Vietnam, where I was able to help within the children's disabled centre for 2 weeks. My next destination was Bali, which involved exploring for 10 days as a group , then 2 weeks volunteering. Overall, it was a trip of a lifetime! I got to experience different cultures in Vietnam and Bali whilst having the opportunity to help.

Hardeep's story

Incredible turtle conservation in Greece

I recently came back from an incredible turtle conservation trip in Greece (Lixouri) with The Mighty Roar from July 21st to August 8th, and I couldn't be more thrilled with my experience. From the moment I began the booking process to the time I bid farewell to my new friends and the incredible team, The Mighty Roar made every aspect of this adventure seamless.

Hannah's story

Friends and memories for life in Tanzania

I have just returned home after an incredible 5 weeks spent in Tanzania. I spent my time with both the childcare and medical programmes and whist I could write a book about my trip, I do have a few highlights. Living and volunteering amongst the local people allowed me to immerse myself in the culture of Tanzania and get to know the amazing people who live there. I met so many inspirational people and I will cherish my memories from Tanzania for life.

Emily's story

Turtle volunteering in Madagascar - paradise!

I travelled to Madagascar to do the Turtle Volunteering Programme on the island paradise, Nosy Komba, for a week during September of 2023 with two close friends I know from school. Our experience was truly eye opening and was an extremely productive trip for all of us. Many lessons were learnt, and I genuinely believe we all grew as people despite being there for only a week.

Ben's story

A trip of a lifetime to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Through TMR I volunteered on the game reserve within Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. For me, this was a trip of a lifetime. The people I met were fabulous, the guides were amazing, and the wildlife was just indescribable. Even if you have travelled before, there is nothing that can compare to Africa. TMR offered help and support throughout the whole process and I will always be eternally grateful for them finding me this most incredible experience.

Paige's story

Making Artificial Reefs In Bali

  • Bali
  • November 2023
Where do I start with Bali, I came into this not really knowing what to expect but let me tell you, I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life. I did marine conservation for 2 months which seems like a long time but time flies by to the point that 2 months is just not enough. Bali is a beautiful country with great people, amazing food, breathtaking views and many fun opportunities. I can’t recommend it enough.

Nicholas's story

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