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India medical volunteers

Gain vital medical experience abroad with our diverse Indian medical programme. This is your fantastic opportunity to gain first-hand exposure and an in-depth insight into the health care system in India, while also providing an extra pair of hands to help assist.

From observing and following the local staff, you will gain valuable knowledge and an understanding of the problems faced in Jaipur, as well as the best procedures and processes to handle them. You will provide assistance and undertake your own tasks under the supervision of qualified professionals.

You will not find a better experience than in Jaipur, where you will be placed at free medical camps, local clinics within some of the poorest areas as well as throughout a network of hospitals.

Despite the recent advancements of India’s healthcare system, the vast majority of the population still experience poor health – especially in the slum areas. There is a distinct lack of access to proper medical care and when you factor in that many Indians cannot afford regular, if any, medical treatment there is an urgent need for help.


Who is it for?
Medical students, qualified professionals and volunteers with no experience
Departments available
Antenatal, neonatal, labour ward, intensive care unit, general medicine, surgery, orthopaedic, gynaecology, paediatrics, ear, nose and throat, ophthalmology, dentistry, physiotherapy, radiology
Elective placements
Medical, midwifery, nursing, physiotherapy, ophthalmology and dentistry

The healthcare institutions of Jaipur serve a diverse population with wide ranging medical problems. Many environmental factors impact the well-being of the city’s inhabitants, including extreme weather.

During your time in India, you will get to experience many different medical settings and you will be based across multiple setups. We help assist several clinics and hospitals in around the Jaipur area and their suburbs – where help is most needed.

Your itinerary will be specially tailored for you and you’ll be asked to provide your preference of 3 or 4 departments that you would like to gain experience in. The activities you get to do on this programme will depend on the particular departments you have chosen to gain experience in, and on the current priorities of the hospital.

Typically working 5 days a week, Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 16:00, you will leave with a true understanding of life as a medical professional in India.

One of the main placement organisations is called Arogyam Clinic, where one doctor single-handedly runs this facility. He has an important role in the community and a great rapport with the patients that he meets.

The clinic was primarily set up to cater for the healthcare needs of the population of Jagatpura (one of the poorest slums in Jaipur), many of whom cannot afford the cost of government or private hospitals. The issues that the clinic sees are often a direct result of the patients living in poverty.

On average, the doctor will see around 30 patients every day, although this significantly increases during the change of seasons. The summer months and monsoon season bring with them higher numbers of airborne and waterborne diseases such as malaria, cholera, typhoid and hepatitis A.

Volunteers here will be able to assist the doctor and nursing staff and will be able to carry out many basic procedures – only of course if this is something you are comfortable with. You will often find yourself taking blood pressure, giving medicine, checking temperatures, changing drips, providing vaccinations and more!

On a regular basis, you will be able to join the nursing team who carry out their rounds around the local villages. You will assist in taking samples from the households in the slum areas on AID awareness, women’s healthcare, sanitation and hygiene campaigns. There is no better way to be truly immersed within the local community where you feel you are making an actual difference!

You will learn something new every day, with the doctor providing a wealth of information about the Indian healthcare system. This is your chance to learn about interesting clinic signs and syndromes typically found within slum communities. You will receive ongoing training and mentoring from the local doctor and despite most patients only talking Hindi, the doctor will ensure he translates everything and that you are fully involved with every patient.

For a slightly different perspective, lend your skills to Curewell Hospital, a mid-sized private hospital that sees around 300 patients per day. This is the perfect opportunity to shadow within a large hospital and carry out basic health checks on patients during the doctor’s rounds. This is a real eye-opening experience to see the differences in healthcare between India and those at home.

If you are interested in witnessing surgeries then Curewell perform around 150 major and minor operations every month. These are predominantly ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeries, however, the hospital offers an extensive range of medical services covering many specialty areas. The hospital is equipped with advanced technology and has an in-house lab.

The healthcare institutions that you will be working with consult on many specialty areas including; ENT, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Cardiovascular, General medicine, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Dermatology and more.

On a periodical basis, we run free medical camps in slum communities around Jaipur. These campaigns are designed to offer primary healthcare and medical check-ups to the locals who have the greatest need at the time. We try our best to run these as often as possible, but it does depend on several factors outside of our control.

Our medical experience is perfect for those who are thinking of a career in healthcare, studying a health-related subject at university or are a fully qualified professional looking to give back.

This is the perfect programme to assist with your career development. By working under close guidance of the local staff, you will gain exposure and tuition that you would be unlikely to gain in your home country.

It is important to note that you level of involvement at the project is dictated by your medical experience and willingness to get involved. As the local medical staff are accountable for you while under their supervision, they will have the final say as to how hands on you are able to get.

Generally speaking, if you are studying something medical related then you will have many opportunities to get fully involved – but to reiterate we cannot guarantee this.

Your trip won’t all be work! Why not also take the opportunity to learn as much as you can about the fascinating and culturally rich country in which you’ll be based?

Jaipur is full of interesting things to see and do is conveniently located in the heart of the Golden Triangle. Your weekends and evenings will be free to enjoy the city and its many impressive attractions as well as travel the world famous Golden Triangle to see the Taj Mahal.

Known as the ‘pink city’, you will have plenty of time to marvel at the vast grandeur of the Amber Fort, visit the many palaces including Hawa Mahal (Water Palace) and Jal Mahal (Palace of Winds) and of course, check out the shops and markets where you will find the most beautiful handmade items and mouth-watering cuisine.

There is no end to the opportunities to learn! You will be working alongside healthcare professionals with a wealth of knowledge so ask them questions and learn from their experiences.


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