Your safety is our biggest

Around the clock support

Safety and support

While we can never guarantee your volunteer experience will be 100% trouble free, we have taken all of the necessary precautions to minimise all risks and to ensure all programmes are as safe as possible. Our helpful and knowledgeable UK team are with you throughout your whole journey, from answering questions about programmes, through the application process, providing pre-departure information, support while in-country and to answer any questions you may have on your return home. 

A member of our team will visit each and every volunteer programme we offer on a yearly basis, to rigorously check all aspects of the project - something generally not done by most other organisations! We experience every programme just like a volunteer would, from staying within the accommodation, helping on the projects, eating the meals provided and travelling the local area. By doing this, not only can we ensure everything is safe and running as planned, but we can truly tell you what to expect and can provide informed recommendations and advice about anything relating to your trip.

As part of our commitment to your safety, we monitor the stability of all of our volunteer destinations on a daily basis. We are in communication with the local embassies and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and we are also in constant contact with our overseas teams to ensure we can identify and act upon any problems immediately.

Before you travel

Once you have confirmed your placement, you will receive a comprehensive volunteer handbook that provides in-depth information about everything you may need with regards to your upcoming trip. The handbook addresses a large range of topics such as health and safety, visas, currency, what to pack, expectations, as well as going into detail about local cultures and traditions that you may need to observe.

You will have the peace of mind in knowing that you will be living and working alongside other volunteers. There is a great social element involved with all of the programmes we offer and if there is one thing we can be sure of, you are about to make many new friends! Every destination we send volunteers too, has a dedicated Facebook group, whereby you can join and get to know everyone volunteering at the same time as you. Not only this, but you can see lots of photos, read recommendations and ask any questions.

We will be in contact in the build up to your trip to ensure you are fully prepared and to confirm your arrival details. So that we can ensure everything has been organised, you will find a useful checklist within your account to show what information / documents you still need to provide before you travel.

While you are volunteering

Every volunteer programme we offer has a co-ordinator and several key team members who will be in charge of ensuring your whole trip runs smoothly. Our local teams are made up of highly experienced individuals who have hosted international volunteers for many years. Everyone will be introduced to you during your orientation and it's these amazing people that will be on hand to answer any questions, deal with any issues and to help make any travel arrangements. Over the duration of your programme, we are sure that the local staff will also become your new best friends and will make your experience even more enjoyable!

With the majority of our programmes (please double check your volunteer handbook), a member of our local team or a trusted appointed driver will be waiting for you at the airport for when you arrive. Over the first day or two you will be given a full orientation that will cover things like emergency procedures, how to use the local transport, the do's and don'ts, local cultures and health and safety information.

Please do not forget that our UK office is available 24/7 in case of any rare emergencies, on the number provided within the volunteer handbook. Both our UK and international team's contact details can be passed onto friends and families and to ensure everyone has peace of mind.