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When I heard about this travel experience I knew this was something I was interested in. As a 17 year old going to the other side of the world myself , it’s expected that my family and friends were slightly worried for me as they didn’t know if i’d be capable. After finalising my bookings and making sure i had everything i needed, the time had came for the trip. I was nervous but mostly excited .

"I will never forget this once in a lifetime experience and anyone can do it !"

I arrived in Bali were i met some of the lovely people i would be spending my time there with and my amazing tour guide ‘Dewa’. Throughout the trip Dewa met all of the groups needs and would help us in any way possible , my case broke on the way over and he immediately took me for a new suitcase .

We spent the first week travelling through and to different parts of Bali, Kuta, Lovina, Ubud . We visited the most amazing places, waterfalls, temples and experienced things I would never imagine like a surfing lesson. We had loads of opportunities to try the most amazing food, there was so many options everywhere to suit all my needs. I got the chance to view various different animals while in Bali, my favourites were the monkeys and dolphins .

This was such a filled week with so much to do and see. After a crazy first week we made our way to the village where I volunteered in a school . The kids there was so cute and content with all that they had . We would go get iced coffees on the way, help out in the class before coming back to sunbathe at the beach. I will never forget this once in a lifetime experience and anyone can do it !

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