I had a life changing
experience in
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka gets in your blood and soul

Sri Lanka, it gets in your blood. So here we are three months on from my trip to Sri Lanka where I spent the best 4 weeks of my life. A real sense of achievement and I still get excited talking about it now.

So why Sri Lanka? 2 years ago if you had said to me here’s £xxxx go on a holiday, I would have gone to Cambodia or South Africa, but I wanted more than a holiday, I wanted to make a difference, so I chose the Turtle project with The mighty Roar.

"Sri Lanka - yes the sand gets in your toes, it gets in your blood, your heart and your soul."

There is no better feeling in the world than watching a hundred or so baby turtle hatchlings scrambling along the shoreline to the sea, the determination and drive to reach the ocean, it never gets old.

The sense of achievement at a huge pile of plastic cleared off the turtle nesting beaches, and the pride when local children come up to you and thank you for helping to keep the beaches beautiful. For they are beautiful, the sunsets and sunrises are truly natures lightshow, and as to the lightning wow.

Go to the community school and prepare to have your heart stolen, by the children, who are so happy and eager to learn.

And as for the people, your fellow volunteers, prepare to make lifelong friends who like you can’t wait to go back.

Sri Lanka, yes the sand gets in your toes, it gets in your blood, your heart and your soul.

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