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I have just returned from Greece volunteering in the research and conservation of loggerhead sea turtles !! I recently graduated and wanted to travel before joining full time work. I came across TMR and instantly fell in love with their efficiency to provide 1 in a lifetime travel experiences. I have fortunately travelled a lot but not on my own and turtles have been 1 of my favourite animals my entire life, therefore Greece sea turtle conservation was perfect.

"This trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity and experience, THANK YOU TMR !!"

The booking process was quick and easy. If I had any questions TMR members were just an email/WhatsApp away and they provided a full guide of what you need for your upcoming trip.

The local team were incredibly welcoming, Chanel, Alison, Poppy, Emily, Annya, Josh, Harry and other members/assistants were truly the most loving people I have ever met, a team that truly dedicate their life to the welfare of turtles.

During my stay my favourite shifts were; 

  • Sunrise beach patrols, visiting 4/5 different beaches collecting coordinate data and looking for hatchling tracks.
  • Behavioural research surveys, raising public awareness with locals and visitors about the island’s biodiversity at Argostoli harbour.
  • Night beach patrols, sleeping on the beaches and monitoring nest/hatchlings.
  • Tagging adult turtles, monitoring, tagging and carrying out health checks of adult turtles in Argostoli harbour.

Between shifts and on my days off I explored the local area. You can use the bikes at the villa, a local taxi service or local bus to visit lassi and argostoli, or a ferry to visit Lixouri, to see more beautiful beaches, shop and eat amazing Greek food.

The villa accommodation is clean and tidy, each room accommodates 4 people and also includes a small en-suit and kitchenette. The water at the villa is filtered and therefore drinkable. Each room has a front balcony with seating but there are hammocks located around the villa which I found myself on most the time.

I would 100% recommend TMR, they’re a great way to visit somewhere new at a reasonable cost, meet new people/make lifelong friendships. I will be booking future trips with/through them.

This trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity and experience, THANK YOU TMR !!

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