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Vietnam childcare volunteers

Are you someone who is hard working, caring and able to understand and adapt to the differing needs of children? If so, you would be the perfect person to come and continue the great work that goes on day in day out in Vietnam.

Help underprivileged children in and around Ho Chi Minh City where your time volunteering will be greatly appreciated by the local community. The children will love the attention and care they receive and the experience will not only change their lives but also yours!

Vietnam & Bali

As a part of my gap year, I did childcare/teaching volunteering in Vietnam for 2 weeks and Bali for 3 weeks. It was one of the best experiences, I met so many new people, learnt so much and would 100% recommend it to anyone! Overall, it was a trip of a lifetime! I got to experience different... Read More

Hardeep ChahalNovember 2023

Well organised from start to finish by…

Well organised from start to finish by Nimh and his team especially Toung. Fantastic experience. Very friendly and helpful.

Sarah DesaySeptember 2023

Efficient friendly team Particularly…

Efficient friendly team Particularly Nimh and Toung who made sure we knew our schedules, transport options and our tasks for each day.

Checked we were all ok on a daily basis. They also gave an orientation day which included a lesson in basic Vietnamese.

Mr DesaySeptember 2023

Taken care of throughout my stay

Taken care of throughout my stay. Orientation was very informative. Guidance when needed, clear instructions for each day's duties, local knowledge and customs explained.

Particular mention for Minh and Toung who both went above and beyond to help. Nothing was too much trouble.

Sarah DesaySeptember 2023

Childcare volunteering in vietnam

My time doing the childcare volunteering in Vietnam was amazing - I met so many people and felt like I was taking part in something that could make a difference to the children's everyday lives. I really enjoyed spending time with the children and doing something that is far beyond what I've done... Read More

Imogen MatthewsApril 2023

Volunteer Work in Vietnam

Wowwww! I am currently volunteering in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, with Minh who is genuinely the kindest and most supportive man you’ll ever meet. From the WhatsApp messages to the different Vietnamese lunches to the tours of parts of the City, Minh will always make sure you are happy:) I am volunte... Read More

Yasmin ClarkeFebruary 2023

Creating amazing memories

I volunteered in Vietnam for 3 weeks and my time was filled with the most amazing memories, coolest experiences and funniest stories. Thank you to everyone for taking care of me and supporting me, my stay here was the greatest, you will all forever be in my heart.

Sarah SmithFebruary 2020

Background to the childcare programme

Although Vietnam has now been at peace for many years, effects from the war continue to haunt not only the adult population of this beautiful country, but also its children. The war had many negative consequences on the country, with many lives lost and major environmental and economic impacts that led to widespread poverty, especially for those living in rural, mountainous regions.

Vietnam has improved in many ways in recent years, but there are still an estimated 2 million extremely vulnerable children. As a result of this, many parents have no other choice other than to leave their children with relatives in search for work, force their children to work or in major circumstances abandon them at temples, hospitals or orphanages nearby for long periods of time.

On top of this, many people were affected by attacks using Agent Orange chemicals and it is widely reported that nearly seven million people in Vietnam are disabled, which equates to 8% of the total population! As with most developing countries, disabled people in Vietnam do not receive the level of support they so desperately need and this is where you and other volunteers can really help make a difference.

By assisting the local staff, you will be able to enhance the work that currently goes on and provide greater care and opportunities for the children that attend one of the many centres we support. Although at times the work will be challenging, you will leave this rewarding experience knowing you have played a major role in helping the children.

Using your creativity, emotion and resourcefulness, you will be able to provide the love and attention the children need and through your hard work and dedication, you will not only change their lives but yours as well. With limited resources and overcrowding, we desperately need volunteers to help take some of the burden from our staff to ensure that the proper care and attention can be given to everyone.

Where will I be volunteering?

Ky Quang Pagoda – Ky Quang Pagoda was built in 1924 and is now a famous landmark within Ho Chi Minh City. The pagoda is now a place of charity and the 25 or so staff members and volunteers provide support, care, education and treatment to many children in the surrounding area.

There are around 200 children that use the services of Ky Quang Pagoda each and every day, to which many come from very unfortunate backgrounds. The children are aged from 1 to 7 years old and many come to play, eat and to receive a basic education.

There is a high proportion of children (around 90) that also require additional treatment and care as they are suffering from cerebral-palsy, blindness or Down’s syndrome.

Thein Than Shelter – The centre was established several years ago by the local community who raised and donated money and buildings to provide care and education to all of the children in the surrounding area. The 8 staff members at the shelter currently look after and support 108 children aged between new born and 7 years old, along with our amazing volunteers.

What is my role?

This rewarding and worthwhile programme will see you helping children of differing needs across several care centres, kindergartens and community shelters around the city. Although each placement will differ, in general you can expect to provide daily hands-on care, interaction and attention to the children who need it most. You will play an important role in their daily lives and provide vital support and care for the children with every small step and action making a huge difference.

You will be able to help out in a number of different ways by collaborating with the local staff and creating exciting and engaging activities and lessons. You can also expect to assist staff in providing rehabilitation exercises, caring and playing, teaching basic subjects, arts and crafts and feeding the children.

There is no better way of helping than by volunteering in one of the worthwhile care centres around Ho Chi Minh City. Every day will be different, but as you get to know the children and their routines, as well as develop special relationships with them, you will soon reap the rewards and benefits.

What will a typical day look like?

You are expected to volunteer from Monday through to Friday. Although volunteering times differ slightly depending on your assigned placement, you will typically volunteer for around 4 to 6 hours per day. This will generally be split between morning and afternoon shifts, for example 8:30am-11am and then again at 2-4:30pm.

The majority of placements are located within a 10-20 minute bus or taxi ride away. You can either make use of the city's excellent public bus network or go by private taxi, with costs being split between all volunteers travelling.

At the end of every day, volunteers from all programmes meet back at the accommodation to have a delicious meal or head out and explore Ho Chi Minh City.

Where will I be staying?

While volunteering in Vietnam, you will be staying within our dedicated volunteer accommodation located just outside of the centre of Ho Chi Minh City. This peaceful and friendly neighbourhood is the perfect base for volunteering and exploring everything Southern Vietnam has to offer. The street is generally reserved for officials and as the road is separate from the main road, so there is not a lot traffic or noise – which is very common in Vietnam.

You'll have plenty of opportunities to explore the city at your leisure. Whether you want to have a gentle stroll down to the market, try some mouth-watering street food or are after a more lively atmosphere in the touristy areas, then Ho Chi Minh City has it all!

Other things to consider

Project placements - As we support a wide range of centres across Ho Chi Minh City (including many more than listed above), it is important to note that it is not always possible to place you within any preferred centre. You are more than welcome to request your preferred option when applying under the 'special requirements' box during the application process, but this cannot be guaranteed. 

Resources and donations - Resources can be very limited on our programmes in Vietnam and we would really appreciate any additional support that can be provided. It would be amazing if you could bring any materials associated with your project, including pens, paper and anything else you think will aid your time on the programme.

Weekends and free time - You will have every weekend off from volunteering and this is the perfect time to explore everything this beautiful country has to offer. You are more than welcome to simply relax around the accommodation and enjoy all of the amenities and attractions the capital has to offer, but most volunteers will use this time to travel and see the country. Further down this page you will come across many suggestions and ideas on where you could go. Alternatively, if you are looking to see as much of the country as possible during this time, travel with other volunteers and be accompanied by one of our local team members, then you may be interested in one or more of the organised weekend trips we run.

Volunteering on my gap year in Vietnam & Bali

  • January 2024
As a part of my gap year, I travelled to Vietnam and Bali. It was one of the best experiences, I met so many new people, learnt so much and would 100% recommend it to anyone! My journey started in Vietnam, where I was able to help within the children's disabled centre for 2 weeks. My next destination was Bali, which involved exploring for 10 days as a group , then 2 weeks volunteering. Overall, it was a trip of a lifetime! I got to experience different cultures in Vietnam and Bali whilst having the opportunity to help.

Hardeep's story