My Medical Elective
Placement In

An eye-opening experience

I signed up for the medical programme in Vietnam. I chose Vietnam as it was a country I’d always wanted to go to as it looked to exciting. I was quite nervous before we set off however the pre-departure support and checklist from the mighty roar really helped.

"Overall I would highly recommend taking your elective placement with The Mighty Roar."

When we first arrived in Ho Chi Min it was so overwhelming, hot and chaotic, but we soon got picked up by a mighty roar rep from the airport and taken to our accommodation for some rest. We then had some free time to explore and get our bearings.

I was on the programme for 3 weeks and was able to experience different medical and surgical specialties in a Vietnamese hospital, although mainly observation, it still provided a useful experience to compare with the UK healthcare system. I also had the opportunity to speak with university students studying in Ho Chi Min which was very interesting to discuss Vietnamese culture.

During our free time we could explore the city - there was so much to do! Go on day trips and also weekends away to Zhou An and further up north. There was about 10 of us doing different programmes but we all got on so well and it was a lovely group to explore the city with during the day and night too!

The accommodation was comfortable and the food was delicious by the chef! I still miss her cooking now!

My favourite memory would be getting a grab ride for the first time through Ho Chi Min, a little scary but exhilarating! The best way to get around!

Overall I would highly recommend taking your elective placement with The Mighty Roar. You will learn so much, make lots of great friends and have plenty of opportunities to travel and explore the country.

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