Four enjoyable weeks
Sri Lanka

Volunteering, travelling and amazing people

I spent 4 weeks at TMR Sri Lanka. Those 4 weeks were 4 of my most enjoyable weeks ever. For my first 2, I did the Turtle conservation program which I really loved. It has a really well organised timetable which gives you the best opportunity to see baby turtles being released and turtles laying eggs on the beach on as many occasions as possible. 

"A massive thank you especially to the local team for making this an experience that I will never forget :)"

For my second 2 weeks volunteering I participation in the childcare (kindergarden) project. This, for me, was better than I could ever had imagined, as it was always such a wholesome experience. Whether it was helping the kids colour in, or outside playing with them, they love every minute of you being there and spent the whole time with a massive smile on their faces.

Another reason why I enjoyed TMR so much was because of the amazing people I met. We had some great times in Simple, playing cards after dinner, or taking a trip into Hikkaduwa on an afternoon. I can confidently say that I know I have met people that I will stay in contact with and for sure see again when we get home to England.

As for the local team; Chutti, Mammo and Hector made the experience even more fun and enjoyable. You’d never go a day without them making you laugh, especially Chutti (pineapple, ice cream). I am so grateful for all the hard work that they put in, whilst we are there and behind the scenes.

The manager in Sri Lanka, Mini, is really easy to talk to whether you have any problems, queries, or would just like a chat. Mini really is a massive part of TMR and with her desire to make every day better than the last for the volunteers, and her genuinely being one of the kindest and funniest people I’ve met, she really makes it a better place.

So a massive thank you especially to Mini and the local team for making this an experience that I will never forget :)

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