Meeting some amazing
people in
Sri Lanka

Memories that i'll cherish forever

TMR in Sri Lanka is a must do. I was a teacher with them for 4 weeks, spending 4 days a week planning and carrying out English lessons with the sweetest kids from the local town and surrounding area, with ages and ability ranging. 

"Overall, TMR in Sri Lanka earned a 5/5 review - made some amazing friends and memories that I'll cherish forever. "

My personal highlights from my time spent there was the people, including staff and fellow volunteers. From day one everyone was very welcoming, and spending all day and night with like-minded people really makes you get to know them. The onsite staff were there for anything you could need, with amazing local food prepared by Renu and her team.

Chutti never failed to make us laugh, and barely saw him without a massive smile on his face. I have many unforgettable memories with Mammuh (as well as some slightly embarrassing ones we would both like to forget).

He and Suddah took us on the Hill country weekend trip, which is another addition to the trip I would recommend to everyone if you wish to escape the beach on a well organised and thought out few days with a lot to see.

Having Hector around the grounds, usually sweeping into the early hours around us or telling us about his love for dogs, was very special too. Thank you also to Karru, Suddah, Aunty & Uncle, who were very welcoming to all of us into the accommodation.

Very big thank you to Mini, who organised all the volunteers and their day to day activities. She was helpful in providing any info needed and keeping her cool with some volunteers and their insignificant questions. Only problem I faced with her was her inability to lose at cards. Had to resort to very questionable ways just to get an edge.

Overall, TMR in Sri Lanka earned a 5/5 review - made some amazing friends and memories that I'll cherish forever. Thank you to everyone who was there with me x

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