Looking after elephants in a 100%
ethical sanctuary in

A truly magical experience in Thailand

I have always loved elephants and I’ve always wanted to see elephants up close so I made sure I did my research to make sure I was picking a 100% ethical sanctuary that’s why I choose to volunteer with The Mighty Roar at the elephant sanctuary in Thailand. It’s an amazing feeling knowing you can be so close to elephants and know that you’re helping them not and harming them!

"If your looking to volunteer somewhere I couldn’t recommend this project enough."

My experience was truly magical and I enjoyed Every moment of it! Your tasks include making the elephants food and enrichments, cleaning enclosures, walking with the elephants around the centre and showering them.

The elephants have heartbreaking story’s and it’s very upsetting what these beautiful animals have gone through in the tourism industry so it’s so important when travelling in Asia only to visit 100% ethical sanctuary like this one.

Everyone who’s volunteered here will tell you it truly is an amazing place and experience like no other! The days are long but the most rewarding work you will ever do.

The staff are also so lovely and passionate about the work that they do and you can tell the genuine love they have for their animals.

As well as the elephant project you can also volunteer on the wildlife programme some volunteer split their time half and half. There is also a pool at the centre where you can chill on your days off or go to the beach located not too far away.

I am forever thankful to the local team for saving these animals and everything they do for them. If your looking to volunteer somewhere I couldn’t recommend this project enough.

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