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I loved every second of the 3 months I was in Sri Lanka

I spent 12 WEEKS in Sri Lanka with The Mighty Roar and I honestly enjoyed every second of it! I started out with the Sri Lanka travel and volunteer experience which was an action packed week! You get taken on the road inland, seeing all of Sri Lanka’s major attractions such as hikes with beautiful views, temples, surfing, herbal gardens, museums and much more. It was the perfect way to visit all the best tourist and cultural areas in Sri Lanka !

"Thank you so so much to The Mighty Roar! For the experience of a lifetime that have gave me memories I’ll carry with me forever,"

I then participated in the sea turtle programme which involved watching turtles lay eggs, burying their eggs, beach cleans, making nests and finally releasing baby turtles into the sea once hatched. As you can imagine this is an unbelievable thing to witness :) whilst doing a lot of research, I’ve came to notice that The Mighty Roar is one of the most ethical volunteer programmes.

It makes sure we have the turtles best interest in heart, keeping the eggs in a natural way, instead of in sanctuary’s or for the tourist appeal, which I know a lot of other programmes involve.

I also managed to briefly take part in other programmes The Mighty Roar has to offer when they needed help. Such as teaching, kindergarten and dogs, which were also heart-warming and wonderful projects.

My time in Sri Lanka was way more than just volunteering. I made some amazing friendships. We could spend afternoons inside the accommodation playing badminton, volley ball and A LOT of enjoyable card games. I even learnt how to play chess. The beautiful beach is just across the road so it’s easy to go for a sunbathe and swim whenever you have free time. Hikkaduwa town is a 15 minute tuk tuk away, which is one of my favourite towns. I would have surfing lessons there twice a week and enjoy all their restaurants and beach bars :) I also could spend weekends travelling down the south coast, seeing everything Sri Lanka had to offer.

I was hesitant about the food served at TMR at first, but it really quickly became my favourite dishes to eat. I can’t explain how much I am going to miss Renu’s curry!!

The local team; hector, chuti and mamoo are the most caring and inspiring people. It was impossible to have a bad day when they were always so high-spirited and cheerful. They made me laugh on a daily basis and it was such a pleasure to get to know them. Mini is the manager in Sri Lanka and she is really approachable and will help you with any questions or queries you have. Not only is she an intelligent, organised and professional boss, but she’s also a best friend for life and I’ll miss spending my days with her more than anything.

Thank you so so much to the mighty roar! For the experience of a lifetime that have gave me memories I’ll carry with me forever xxx

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