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An eye-opening 4 week experience

I signed up with The Mighty Roar to volunteer in Tanzania for 4 weeks in September. I was lucky enough to do a mixture of the childcare and medical programmes, which really opened my eyes to the way of life in Tanzania.

"I have fallen in love with Tanzania and will definitely return one day!"

After spending just a day at the local hospital, I realised just how lucky we are back in the United Kingdom. On one eventful morning I saw 2 births back to back not even in single rooms, beside each other with curtains separating them, the women weren’t even screaming! 

Then I went to the children's ward and seen a chronic malnourished 3 month old baby which was only 3kg. A 4 year old child with 2nd degree burns covering 16% of her wee body. They don’t get dressing on straight away the burns get aired out and they lay in a massive crib with no covers. Then went to theatre to watch a elderly women necrotic leg being removed. They got the saw and everything out. The women had an epidural and you could speak to her at the top of the bed.

Emmanuel is the main man for The Mighty Roar in Tanzania and will be more than happy to assist with anything required. Other than volunteering the team back at the hostel are amazing. So kind and help with anything needed. Also answer any questions you have regarding day trips, local markets and things to do in the surrounding area of Moshi. There is a big open space at the hostel for socialising and eating where I have played and learnt so many different card games.

I have fallen in love with Tanzania and will definitely return one day!🇹🇿❤️

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