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Volunteer in government hospitals, slum clinics & outreach projects

Are you a qualified doctor, dentist, nurse, physical therapist or other healthcare provider? If so, we need your help around the world on our medical experiences to help within government hospitals, slum clinics and community outreach projects. 

You'll be able to serve the community in a way that most other volunteers can't. Your time and effort will bring first-rate healthcare to people who usually don't have the regular opportunity to see a doctor or other healthcare provider and also provide much needed support to local staff in often resource stretched settings.

Working alongside local professionals you will gain invaluable experience and you'll witness how a lack of funding impacts the quality of care provided and how traditional beliefs and different cultural attitudes exist around healthcare. You will confront different illnesses and treatments that you are not normally accustomed to at home, discover new techniques and methods and play a vital role in assisting the hospital.

During your time volunteering abroad, you will be able to share all of your knowledge and experience where you will leave knowing you have made a lasting positive impact.

  • Fully structured programmes ensuring you get the most out your experience
  • Gain unique experience of the healthcare system in a developing country
  • Learn new skills and share your own knowledge to local professionals
  • 24/7 in-country & UK support
  • Comprehensive pre-departure support and assistance with all aspects of your trip
  • Pre-departure buddy lists and a dedicated Facebook group to talk with other volunteers
From £180

Ghana Medical Experience

This is your chance to gain valuable first-hand experience of the healthcare system in Ghana. You will get a real insight into the difficulties faced and meet some of the amazing people trying to help make a difference to the lives of the local community. During your time on the placement, you will get to shadow and assist the professional medical staff where you will get an unparalleled experience.

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From £170

Tanzania Medical Experience

Tanzania has some of the lowest coverage rates of health personnel in the world. With widespread poverty and substantial health challenges, this is your chance to gain first-hand experience and insight into the health care system in a developing country. You will be able to observe and assist local staff at a busy government hospital in a range of departments, while exploring everything this amazing country has to offer.

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From £150

India Medical Experience

Gain vital medical experience abroad with our diverse Indian medical programme. This is your fantastic opportunity to gain first-hand exposure and an in-depth insight into the health care system in India, while also providing an extra pair of hands to help assist. From observing and following the local staff, you will gain valuable knowledge and an understanding of the problems faced in Jaipur, as well as the best procedures and processes to handle them.

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From £770

Namibia Lifeline Clinic

Provide an essential pair of hands at the Lifeline Clinic in Epukrio, where you will contribute to the medical welfare of the San Busman community as well as gaining first-hand experience of healthcare in a developing country. The Lifeline Clinic provides free primary health care services to more than 3,500 patients every year and is quite literally the lifeline for thousands of people within the local area.

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